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F1 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 88 - 26 <br />Right -of -Way Reservation/Dedication Matrix <br />V <br />Thoroughfare Plan <br />Road Right -of -Way <br />Minor Road <br />Right -of -Way <br />Major site <br />Plan with <br />Compensation <br />Dedication* <br />Dedication <br />Major site <br />Plan without <br />Compensation <br />Reservation <br />Dedication <br />*dedication to the extent of compensation, reservation <br />for any remainder <br />Principal Arterial <br />(Arterial) <br />Minor Arterial <br />4.A4 Applicable Standards <br />Minor <br />Site Plan <br />Reservation <br />Reservation <br />The engineering design of improvements within <br />rights-of-way shall be in compliance with the <br />standards in the "Manual of Uniform Minimum <br />Standards for Design, Construction, and <br />Maintenance of Streets and Highways," publish- <br />ed by the,Florida Department of Transportation <br />unless a variance is granted by the Board of <br />County Commissioners. All construction within <br />the right-of-way shall conform to County <br />engineering standards. <br />5.16¢ Minimum Right -of -Way and Pavement Require- <br />ments; Credit for Dedicated Land <br />(Primary Collector) <br />Collector streets <br />(Secondary Collector) <br />Subdivision Collector <br />Roads <br />(Subdivision Feeder) <br />Local, Minor or <br />Residential streets <br />(with Swale drainage) <br />Local, Minor or <br />Residential (closed <br />drainage, curb & gutter) <br />Marginal access roads <br />The following minimum pavement widths and <br />right-of-way widths shall be provided either <br />at the time of development or in the future, <br />as deemed necessary by the Public Works <br />Director. These standards are consistent with <br />the functional road classification system <br />established in the Comprehensive Plan. <br />Minimum <br />Minimum <br />Right-of-Way.Width <br />Pavement <br />Width <br />r <br />40 (easement or +20 <br />right-of-way) <br />CODING: Words ini�t�¢I�fM�ib�l� type are deletions from existing <br />laws words underlined are additions. <br />