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ORDINANCE NO. 2006-001 <br />PART I* AMENDED PART I OF CHAPTER 302 OF •• OF • <br />SECTIONCOUNTY, FLORIDA* <br />ANIMAL CONTROL AND KENNEL REGUL-ATIONS <br />•FINDINGS. <br />It. is Hereby ascertained, determined, and declared that: <br />Zi. Ftl?"sua3tt to AY`tiCi e VITZ, aeC;t1.C}% !. of the F10.r�.1Cla <br />Constituti.orl, and Florida Statutes section 1.25.01, the Board of County <br />Commissioner.:s of Indian River CSunty ("Board") has all powers of local <br />se?..f-government to perform County functions and to prow .de and maintain <br />staad��.r`ds to assist in t:r�c <br />health ti-',c'.i_et ' and. t�'elfare ol th( <br />/'4 : L izens of Indian River' County; <br />