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AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, AMENDING THE <br />FOLLOWING CHAPTER OF THE LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS <br />(LDRS): CHAPTER 911, ZONING, AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF <br />CONFLICTING PROVISIONS, CODIFICATION, SEVERABILITY AND <br />EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT •RDAfNED BY THEC••'D OF •UNTY COMMISSIONERS OF RIVER <br />COUNTY,•'IDA THAT THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY• 1 <br />REGULATIONSD'S) BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. Special Regulations in the CR 510 East Corridor <br />A. Wabasso Corridor regulations LDR Chapter Section 911.18(3), first paragraph, is <br />amended as follows: <br />(3) Specific development regulations within the Wabasso Corridor: In the Wabasso <br />Corridor, the following special regulations shall apply to new non-residential and <br />mixed use (combination of residential/commercial) development that requires major <br />site plan approval_ Special regulations, as specified herein shall apply to all new <br />development within the CR 510 East Corridor sub -area, as defined herein <br />Be Wabasso Corridor regulations LDR Chapter Section 911.18(3)(b) is amended as <br />,follows: <br />(b) Restricted uses and CR 510 East Corridor special regulations <br />1. Within the plan area, vehicle bays or stalls such as those associated <br />with vehicle repair and car wash uses are allowed IF such bays or <br />stalls are oriented and screened from view of US 1 and CR 510 by <br />provision of a Type "B" buffer with four foot opaque feature. <br />2. The CR 510 East Corridor is a sub -area of the Wabasso Corridor area <br />and covers the area within 300 feet of the centerline of CR 510 from <br />US 1 to the Atlantic Ocean In addition to any applicable overall <br />Wabasso Corridor regulations, the following special regulations shall <br />apply in the CR 510 East Corridor, <br />a. Real estate signs: Real estate signs are allowed as authorized <br />in the county sign ordinance (Chapter 956)However, no real <br />estate sign shall all remain on display for more than 15 days after <br />the date of closing. <br />b. Special buffer for multi -family and planned development <br />projects: Multi -family and planned development projects <br />/ Coding: Words in Hugh type are deletions from existing law. Words underlined are additions. a\d\Idr\cr510 Idr change 2 Page 1 of 5 <br />