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ORDINANCE 2004- 004 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, AMENDING SECTION 200.30.01 THE <br />EAST GIFFORD WATERSHED AREA MUNICIPAL <br />SERVICE BENEFIT UNIT. <br />WHEREAS, the East Gifford Watershed Area south of 43rd Street and <br />near the Florida East Coast Railway Tracks is comprised of approximately 43 <br />acres for which a municipal service benefit unit was created, and <br />WHEREAS, on November 7, 2000, the County Commission adopted an <br />ordinance creating the municipal service benefit unit; and <br />WHEREAS, the map and accompanying legal description for the <br />ordinance has been found to be incorrect; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board finds that the boundaries of the municipal service <br />benefit unit needs to be corrected, <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, that Section 200.30.01 of the Indian <br />River County Code is hereby amended as follows: <br />Section 200.30.01. Creation of the East Gifford Watershed Area <br />Municipal Service Benefit Unit. <br />There is hereby established in Indian River County, the East Gifford Watershed <br />Area Municipal Service Benefit Unit under the authority of, and with all those <br />powers conferred by, the Constitution of the State of Florida and Florida Statutes <br />125001(1.)(q) and (r). The real property included within the boundaries of this <br />municipal service benefit unit and subject to all provisions hereof is described as <br />follows: <br />For a point of beginning, the intersection of the East line of the West one-half <br />of Tract 5, Section 26, Township 32 South, Range 39 East, according to the <br />last general plat of the lands of the Indian River Farms Company recorded in <br />Plat Book 2, Page 25 of the Public Records of St. Lucie County, Florida, and <br />the quarter -section line (the South line of Tract 5 lying within the 41st Street <br />right-of-way), and run North, along the said East line, to a point lying in the <br />North line of the said Tract 5. Then run West, along the North line of Tract 5, <br />oRe yhU Bred fide (105) feet NeFth of-the-dt' uth liiRe of � Annie (_'rani Battle <br />Tra{t—Then FUR NGr h �iested`� {p er ill Nor Aef� TFaGt � f5ft <br />cn-rarrnvrc .n. "' ' 7 "' `^ ,'"" ' i rd FtttJ <br />F:\Attorney\Bill\Dictation\ORDINANCE\east gifford wateshed msbu.doc <br />