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>r ' <br />ORDINANCE 2004- 004 <br />(50) feet East of right f 27-th Avenue. TheR nun Wes r� g wad-e,���e-.�„ to the <br />East right-of-way of 28th Avenue. Then run North, along the 28th Avenue, to <br />the centerline of 43rd Street. Then run East, along the centerline of 43rd <br />Street, as shown on Plats 1, 2, and 3 of the Hillcrest Subdivision, to its <br />intersection with the center of the main track of the Florida East Coast <br />Railway. Then run Southeasterly, along the track center, to its intersection <br />with the quarter -section line in the 41st Street right -of --way. Then run West, <br />along the quarter -section line, to the point of beginning. Now lying in Indian <br />River County, Florida. <br />This ordinance was advertised in the Press Journal on the 25th day of January, <br />2004, for a public hearing on 10th day of February, 2004, at which time it was <br />moved for adoption by Commissioner Arum¢ and seconded by <br />Commissioner Neuberger , and adopted by the following vote: <br />Chairman Caroline D. Ginn Aye <br />Vice ChairmanArthur R. Neuberger Aye <br />Commissioner Fran B. Adams Aye <br />Commissioner Kenneth R. Macht Aye <br />Commissioner Thomas S. Lowther Aye <br />1. <br />fa <br />A, � <br />The Chairman thereupon; declared the ordinance duly passed and adopted this <br />10th day of ,xr <br />Feb.r°nary .4 , 2004. <br />` INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />Attest _K Barton' Clerk , _. , by its Board of County Commissioners <br />By ,11040 <br />Deputy Clerk <br />:,�1 <br />Approved .as to form and.Legal <br />u n`c <br />William K. eBraal <br />Assistant County Attorney <br />011761 MM TIM", RIM <br />BCC Approved: February 10, 2004 <br />Effective date: This ordinance was filed with the Department of State on <br />day of �'nawa j9R y' , 2004 and became effective that date. <br />ir <br />F:Attorney\Bill\Dictation\ORDINANCE\east gifford wateshed msbu.doc <br />