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ORDINANCE 2008-011 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA CONCERNING AMENDMENTS TO LAND <br />DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS (LDRs); PROVIDING FINDINGS; PROVIDING FOR AMENDMENTS <br />TO CHAPTER 910, CONCURRENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, BY AMENDING SECTION 910.01(3) <br />TO UPDATE THE INTENT OF THE CONCURRENCY REGULATIONS; BY AMENDING SECTION <br />910.07(3),(4) AND(5) 'DEVELOPMENT REVIEW SYSTEM", TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL <br />CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING SECTION 910.09 "DETERMINATION OF CONCURRENCY, <br />COMPONENTS", TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING SECTION 910.10 <br />'LEVEL OF SERVICE STANDARDS ESTABLISHED IN THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN", TO UPDATE <br />FOR SCHOOL CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING SECTION 910.11, "DETERMINATION OF <br />CONCURRENCY, SPECIFICALLY" TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING <br />SECTION 910.12, PROPORTIONATE FAIR -SHARE MITIGATION, TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL <br />CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING SECTION 910.13, PROPORTIONATE FAIR -SHARE MITIGATION <br />FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL FACILITY, TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING <br />SECTION 910.14, APPEAL PROCESS AND VESTED RIGHTS DETERMINATION, TO UPDATE FOR <br />SCHOOL CONCURRENCY BY AMENDING SECTION 910.15, ASSIGNABILITY AND <br />TRANSFERABILITY, TO UPDATE FOR SCHOOL CONCURRENCY; BY AMENDING SECTION <br />910.09(4) ' TRANSPORTATION MONITORING' , TO UPDATE AREA OF INFLUENCE BY PROVIDING <br />FOR REPEAL OF CONFLICTING PROVISIONS; CODIFICATION; SEVERABILITY; AND EFFECTIVE <br />DATE <br />SECTION #1: <br />Amend "Title, Background, and Intent" Sub -Sections 910.01(3), to read as follows: <br />(3) Intent. The purpose of a concurrency management system is to provide the necessary regulatory <br />mechanism for evaluating development orders to ensure that adequate public facilities are available concurrent <br />with development impacts, thereby fulfilling the Legislature's intent regarding ' concurrency ' An additional <br />component of a concurrency management system is the establishment of a framework for determining public <br />facility needs and providing a basis for meeting those needs through capital improvements programming. <br />Through adoption of the Indian River County Comprehensive Plan, the board of county commissioners <br />exercised its legislative authority by establishing acceptable level of service standards for roads, potable water, <br />sanitary sewer, solid waste, drainage, and -parks, and public school facilities. <br />The capital improvements program in the capital improvements element of the comprehensive plan <br />identifies the schedule of capital projects and funding mechanisms necessary to maintain adequate public <br />facilities at or above the adopted standards. Additional policies and requirements for establishing an effective <br />framework for managing and directing development in a manner consistent with the Florida Legislature's <br />concept of concurrency are contained in the land use, traffic circulation, ate—recreation and open spaces <br />cicments and the public school facilities elements of the comprehensive plan. <br />The approval of all development orders shall be subject to the availability of adequate levels of service <br />for roads, potable water, sanitary sewer, solid waste drainage, aid -parks, and public school facilities based on <br />the level of service standards contained in the capital improvements element. <br />The primary intent of these regulations is to provide Indian River County with the tools to meet the <br />statutory requirements. The implementation of tThis concurrency management system will serve as the <br />principal mechanism for ensuring that growth is managed in a manner consistent with the provisions of the <br />comprehensive plan and will serve as a key monitoring device for measuring the effectiveness of the <br />Bold Underline. Additions to Ordinance 1 <br />&Eike-tiff-0'40i Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />F:\Community Development\Users\CurDev\ORDINANCE\2008\2008-_ School Concurrencychanges.doc <br />