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29 0 <br />FRIDAY, MAY 9th 1930. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in, and for Indian River County, Florida, met <br />at the Court House in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.M.Friday, May 9th 19300 with the <br />following members of the Board present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; <br />J.W.La,Bruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and John H. Atkin. Also present Were Miles Warren, <br />Clerk and Clark S. Rice, eri.ff. . <br />It was ordered that the Clerk write Lt Col. L. V. Frazier, U S District <br />Engineer, Jacksonville, Florida and advise him the County in not in a position to <br />do any work on the bridges at Wabasso and Minter Beach at this time. <br />Mr. Oliver appeared before the Board and requested to be put on the pauper <br />list to receive aid from the County. Camewas referred to Miss Bunkley, County Nurse <br />for attention. <br />The time having expired for candidates toq ualify to run in the primary electio <br />to be held Tuesday, June 3rd 1930, the Board proceeded to check over the affidavits <br />and expense statements filed, and declared the following persons qualified to run <br />in said primary election .on the Democratic Ticket, to -wit: <br />County Commissioner Dist. <br />#1 <br />E. W. Vickers <br />J. D. Young <br />y County Commissioner Dist. <br />#2 <br />J. W. LaBruce <br />V. M. Michael <br />County Commissioner Dist. <br />#3 <br />-N '` J.J.P.Hemilton <br />D. A. Murray <br />County Commissioner Dist <br />#4 <br />John H .Atkin <br />Eli C Walker <br />Member school Board Dist #1. <br />L. Ashburner <br />G.E.Barko skie <br />David Rose <br />Representative in Legislature <br />Chas E Berg <br />PQn(3., Dubose <br />Donald Fo rb e s <br />Chas. A. Mitchell. <br />The following persons, having no opposition, for the office designated, were <br />ordered omitted from the official Democratic Primary Ballot, and are hereby declared <br />and certified as the nominees for said offices, to -wit: <br />County Commissioner Dist. #5 <br />Albert 0. He 1 se th . <br />Member School Board, Dist #2 <br />C. A. Vandiveer <br />Member Ichool Board Dist.#3 <br />Louis Harris <br />State Democratic Executive Committee. <br />J.J.Tchumann. <br />The following named persons were declared qualified to run on the Republican <br />Ticket, for the office designated` <br />Republican County Executive Committee <br />B Bruce Bazler, Precinct #5 <br />Frances Kennedy Miller, Precinct #5 <br />-L. C. Engle, Precinct #6 <br />F. A. Jones, Precinct #6 <br />STATE EXECUTIVE C0111MITTEE, REPUBLICAN PARTY. <br />Fred Amos <br />Axel Hal lst rom <br />A. M. Hill <br />The following named persons, having no opposition, for the office designated, wez <br />ordered omitted from the official Republican Ballot, and are hereby declared <br />and certified as the nominees for said offices, to -wit; <br />W. P, bailey, County Commissioner <br />W. A. Martin, County Executive Committeeman Dist #2 <br />a J. L. Powers, rr a 0 #3 <br />W. R. Vaughn, Congressional Committeeman <br />g s g <br />a <br />w <br />Communications having been received and filed from W.M.Jones and S.N.-Sn.ith, <br />of the Republican Party asking for permission to withdraw were accepted and ordered, <br />ie <br />11 <br />I. <br />I- <br />I <br />