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#4i <br />a <br />0 <br />W <br />VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida <br />OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />1 1 ,. `' <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />STATE <br />EEEiii 666iii"`��� ... IIIIIEEEEE <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, Jr. who on oath <br />' fay tat he is Business Manager of the Veto Beach Press•Joumal, a weekly newspaper published <br />' <br />at Vehro Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached copy of advertisement, being <br />a � <br />The Board of County Commissioners, <br />1 <br />Indian River County, Florida, proposes <br />in the matter of <br />to increase your property taxes by eigh- <br />teen (1 B percent. <br />in the Court, was Pub. <br />' <br />fished in said newspaper In the issues of <br />A public hearing on the increase will be <br />/917 <br />held on September 19, 1977 at 5:01 <br />Affiant further say that the said Vero Beach Press -Journal Is a newspaper published at <br />Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, and that the laid newspaper has heretofore <br />P.M. in the County Commissioners meet - <br />been continuously published in said Indian River County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />• as sacond class null matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida <br />fora period of one year next preceeding the first publication of the attached copy of adver. <br />; and affiant further say that he has neither paid nor pivnilsed any person, firm or <br />, <br />Ing room In the Indian River County <br />eorporat— cry discount, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of securing this adver. <br />tisemestt for publication in the said newspaper. <br />Courthouse. ' <br />Swan to and subscribed before me this L y of A.D.��� , <br />IBtsinem Manager <br />(Clark of the Circuit 'aunt, Is din River County, Florida)ISEAu <br />By William C. Wodtke, Jr. <br />Chairman, Board of County' <br />1 <br />Commissioners, Indian <br />River County, Florida <br />o • <br />September 11, 1977 <br />#4i <br />a <br />0 <br />W <br />