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M <br />0 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS RECONVENED AT 10:31 <br />0#CLOCK A.M. WITH THE SAME MEMBERS PRESENT. <br />CHAIRMAN WODTKE INFORMED THE BOARD THAT OUT -OF -COUNTY <br />TRAVEL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FROM .JUDITH WAKEFIELD, COUNTY <br />EXTENSION DIRECTOR, AND PETE SPYKE, AGRICULTURAL SPECIALIST, BUT <br />NOT IN TIME TO BE INCLUDED ON THE CLERKS AGENDA, HE ASKED THAT <br />THEY BE CONSIDERED NOW. <br />ON MOTION BY COMMISSIONER SIEBERT, SECONDED BY COMMIS- <br />SIONER Loy, THE BOARD UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED OUT -OF -COUNTY TRAVEL <br />FOR .JUDITH WAKEFIELD, COUNTY EXTENSION DIRECTOR, AND PETE SPYKE, <br />AGRICULTURAL SPECIALIST, AS FOLLOWS: <br />Request for Out -of -County Travel <br />in October (071) <br />3:00 PM Friday Oct.7 - <br />3:00 PM Sunday Oct.9 <br />4-H Camp <br />Doe Lake <br />- For District XII 4-H Teen <br />Leadership Retreat <br />Purpose: <br />A weekend of leadership train- <br />ing and 4-H activities for <br />teenage 4 -Hers who are taking <br />the 4-H Junior Leadership and <br />Teen Leadership projects. <br />Thirteen from Indian River <br />County are attending. <br />Oct -18 (evening) <br />(date is tentative, <br />Ag.Cen- <br />ter <br />For 4-H Horse Project Plan - <br />will be one evening <br />in <br />Orlando <br />ning Meeting. <br />that week) <br />Purpose: <br />A planning meeting to plan <br />the Area 4-H Horse Show and <br />plan other 4-H activities. <br />This meeting will involve <br />agents and leaders from 8 <br />counties. <br />Sincerely, <br />Judith A. Wakefield <br />County Fxtension Director <br />2% <br />GCT 5 1977 <br />k0. I' f'N�Jfi 205 <br />k <br />k <br />