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OC► <br />® s � <br />Request for Out -of -County Travel in October Coq?7) <br />Oct. 6 Orlando Integrated Pest Management 'Workshop. <br />One -day workshop on federal and State overall <br />Integrated Pest Management Programs. <br />Will tie in with State Citrus IPM <br />program and County programs. <br />(on State Funds) <br />Oct. 11 Lake First meeting of citrus Integrated <br />Alfred Pest Management Advisory Committee. <br />The Committee consists of Extension <br />Citrus Specialists and Growers from <br />each mayor citrus -producing county in <br />Florida. This meeting will lay ground- <br />work for IPM projects. <br />Oct 17 Russkin County Citrus Extension Agent Associa- <br />tion meeting. Will be held at the <br />Russkin field station of the National <br />Weather Bureau. A tour of facilities <br />and discussion of NViS programs, such <br />as the early freeze prediction satel- <br />lite program, will be included. <br />Sincerely <br />;_�CL_j JA <br />Pete Spyke <br />Extension Agent <br />Agricultural Specialist (Citrus) <br />CHAIRMAN WODTKE REVIEWED WITH THE BOARD THE REQUEST OF <br />ODOM AVIATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF NEED FOR AN AIR AMBULANCE SER- <br />VICE AND REPORTED THAT HE HAD CONTACTED PIPER AIRCRAFT IN THIS RE- <br />GARD. HE REPORTED THAT THEY HAVE A POLICY THAT DEALS WITH TRANS- <br />PORTING PREMATURE BABIES AT A HOSPITAL OR DOCTOR'S REQUEST; ALSO <br />THEY ASSIST ANY OF THEIR EMPLOYEES OR THEIR FAMILIES, AND HE FEELS <br />THEY WILL CONTINUE ON THIS BASIS. THE CHAIRMAN STATED THAT PIPER <br />AIRCRAFT WILL SUPPORT A REQUEST FOR AN AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE TO BE <br />AVAILABLE IN THE COUNTY AND NOTED THAT BASICALLY PIPER IS NOT <br />EQUIPPED TO BE AN AIR AMBULANCE NOR DO THEY WANT TO BE. HE INFORMED <br />THE BOARD THAT HE TOLD PIPER AIRCRAFT THAT THE BOARD DOES NOT WANT <br />TO TAKE ANY ACTION THAT WOULD RESTRICT PIPER IN ANY WAY FROM DOING <br />WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. <br />DISCUSSION FOLLOWED ON THE FORMAT FORA CERTIFICATE OF <br />NEED, AND IT WAS FELT A LETTER FROM THE COMMISSION WOULD SUFFICE. <br />ATTORNEY COLLINS NOTED THAT THE LETTER SHOULD STATE THAT <br />ANY SUCH CERTIFICATE OF NEED WOULD BE SUBJECT TO THE VOLUNTEER WORK <br />PIPER AIRCRAFT HAS BEEN DOING. <br />28 <br />1977 <br />J1 206 <br />