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r <br />Confirming (Third Reso.) <br />W <br />S2 <br />LL a <br />0 Ztv <br />W0 Lo'Q <br />ZzN c <br />OLU >isLL <br />rdN Cil <br />QZo 0 <br />p o <br />(COz <br />3120 <br />130012593 <br />El I ORDED I\ THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF <br />IFFREY R SMITH- CLERK OF COURT <br />I1` -Di RI\ ER COU FL BI.: 2647 PO: 335 Page 1 of 14 <br />2'2212013 4:25 PXI <br />RESOLUTION N0.20;13- )Qq <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, CONFIRMING THE ASSESSMENT ROLL <br />FOR CEI TAIN ASPHALT MILLING IMPROVEMENTS <br />TO 7th PLACE WEST OF 63`a AVENUE TO W AVENUE, <br />IN THE PINE TREE PARK 4 SUBDIVISION. - IRC <br />PROJECT NO. 1212; AND PRO )ING FOR SPECIAL <br />ASSESSMENT LIENS TO BE M, <br />WHEREAS, the Boazd of County Commissioners <br />No. 2013-02 providing for certain asphalt milling <br />AVENUE TO 60�' AVENUE IN THE PINE TREE P <br />WHEREAS, said resolution described the <br />made and how the special assessments aze to be paid; <br />WHEREAS, the resolution was published as <br />Code; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County <br />No. 2013-03, on January 8, 2013 which set a time and <br />of the properties to be assessed and other interested <br />any and all concerns as to said project an <br />d said <br />required by Section 206.07, Indian <br />River County <br />WHEREAS, notice of the time an <br />d place of <br />Beach Press Journal Newspaper on Jan <br />uary 28, 2013 <br />and the last being at leas <br />t one week prior to the <br />County Code; an <br />d <br />E )F RECORD. <br />River County adopted Resolution <br />to 7�` PLACE WEST OF 63`a <br />SUBDIVISION. <br />in which the special assessments aze to be <br />by Section 206.06, Indian River County <br />of Indian River County passed Resolution <br />for a public hearing at which the owners <br />would have the chance to be heard as to <br />assessments, and for the Boazd to act as <br />Fes] <br />public hearing was published in the Vero <br />February 4, 2013, (twice, one week apart <br />, <br />as required by Section 206.06, Indian <br />River <br />F:\PuUlic Works\f�NGINI3ERING DIVISION PROJLLI�S'V 212 -7th Place-CiOih Ave to ti3rd ALa-Petition Paviug�Admim'�agcnda itemsU 2 t2 Resolution-Confirming-2- <br />12-13doc 1 � <br />