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f- I <br /> RESOLUTION NO , 87 - 152 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY AUTHORIZING <br /> THE COLLECTION OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR THE <br /> SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT BY THE SAME METHOD <br /> AS IS USED FOR THE COLLECTION OF AD VALOREM TAXES , <br /> WHEREAS , Indian River County has created a solid waste <br /> disposal district for the unincorporated area and those <br /> municipalities voluntarily joining the district ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the district will be funded from special <br /> assessments against assessable property in the district ; and <br /> WHEREAS , § 197 . 363 , Florida Statutes , 1986 Supplement , <br /> authorizes the Property Appraiser to assist the district in <br /> the collection of special assessments provided_ that a <br /> resolution authorizing the use of this method is adopted at <br /> a public hearing ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the public hearing must be noticed by first - <br /> class mail to all affected property owners putting them on <br /> notice of the potential for loss of title that exists with <br /> use of this collection method and on notice of the time and <br /> place of the public hearing ; <br /> NOW , THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , FLORIDA , that : <br /> Pursuant to the terms of the ordinance creating the <br /> Solid Waste Disposal District , the County intends to collect <br /> the special assessment charges pursuant to the procedures of <br /> the Solid Waste Disposal District with the cooperation of <br /> the Property Appraiser by the same methods used for the <br /> collection of ad valorem taxes . <br /> The foregoing resolution was offered by Commissioner <br /> Eggertwho moved its adoption . The motion was seconded <br /> by Commissioner ´┐ŻBoi%' manand , upon being put to a vote , the <br /> vote was as follows : <br /> Chairman Don C . Scurlock , Jr . Ave <br /> Vice - Chairman Margaret C . Bowman Ave <br /> Commissioner Richard N . Bird Ave <br /> Commissioner Carolyn K . Eggert Aye <br /> Commissioner Gary C . Wheeler Ave <br /> The Chairman thereupon declared the resolution duly <br /> passed a .nd adopted this 22nd day of neccmhe 198 <br /> 433 <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />