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recommendation. (Authorize staff to make the announced <br />changes to the firefighters' job descriptions as set out in the <br />memorandum dated February 9, 2003. Firefighters who elect to <br />participate as recognized paramedics would be required to <br />perform paramedic skills and assist in the delivery of advance life <br />support services.) <br />Under discussion, Vice Chairman Ginn advised she was not in favor of this <br />recommendation. She had questions of staff. <br />Chairman Macht stated that he had been pursuing many sources of information <br />concerning this matter and suggested the Board defer this to the ESDAC (Emergency <br />Services District Advisory Committee) meeting on March 6th at which time all the <br />considerations can be laid on the table for everyone to understand. <br />Vice Chairman Ginn agreed she would like to see it go through the committee. <br />Commissioner Lowther wanted to get it done and pressed for a vote. He stated the <br />Board gave staff the job to come back with a proposal and, by getting this out of the way, <br />ESDAC could start the serious talks. <br />Emergency Services Director John King responded to Commissioner Ginn's many <br />questions concerning recent re -certifications, the differences between the National <br />Registry and State certification, education and training provided in Indian River <br />Community College, how training for re -certification could be provided, the hours <br />required, the types of training requirements, and advised that a change in the job <br />descriptions would not affect the contract. <br />Commissioner Ginn believed this to be a back door attempt to reopen negotiations <br />and understood it is just the firefighters and not the paramedics who want to make this <br />change in their job description. <br />Commissioner Lowther maintained he was only trying to allow firefighters who are <br />February 18, 2003 <br />E.S.D. <br />