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certified as paramedics to do the job because they came to the table. The paramedics did <br />not. He stressed this would be voluntary, not mandatory, and would not mean a monetary <br />change. <br />Director King interjected that if the requirement was made mandatory then it could <br />impact bargaining. <br />Commissioner Neuberger advised he planned to vote in favor of the <br />recommendaton. <br />Vice Chairman Ginn was concerned the firefighters could be rusty on their skills <br />and was not ready to agree to this change. She also thought this should have come up <br />during contract negotiations. <br />Chairman Macht wanted to see this on the floor for discussion and get some <br />answers. He was going to have to vote "no" if everyone does not get the full facts. <br />Commissioner Adams pointed out that National Registry is not required for our <br />employees. She believed this job description change was being used to avoid looking at <br />the whole issue. The Commissioners need to hear the rest of the story; the whole truth: <br />good, bad, and ugly. Until this happens, she could not support this motion. <br />County Administrator Chandler explained that when the subject of maintaining <br />National Registry Certification first came up it was determined that National Registry is <br />not a requirement for employment in the state or county. This proposal was brought <br />forward in an effort for those firefighters to remain in the National Registry. The changes <br />in wording appear on pages 231 and 232 of the backup and would be voluntary, not <br />mandatory. This proposed change in their job descriptions would not reopen any <br />contracts, nor require collective bargaining. <br />Chairman Macht understood the National Registry is irrelevant in the State of <br />Florida and believed the Commissioners ought not to be concerned with what is going on <br />outside the state. <br />Commissioner Neuberger had no idea this would be depicted as a back door move; <br />it is just training. When ESDAC meets, the whole issue can be discussed there. <br />February 18, 2003 <br />E.S.D. <br />