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ORDINANCE NO. 2014 --nig <br />(1) The applicant's collection vehicles and equipment are sufficient to provide <br />adequate and reliable service; <br />(2) The applicant and its employees have sufficient technical experience and <br />abilities to ensure the timely, reliable, and effective delivery of the services <br />proposed by the applicant; <br />(3) The applicant has the financial resources and other characteristics to <br />ensure the timely, reliable, and effective provision of the services proposed <br />by the applicant; and <br />a446 <br />(5) The applicant's proposal ic• in the n„hlin interest.-. <br />of the idir 4or d the infnrmati presented �hlin and nfhor int Sted <br />vrzrr�-vrreGivr � af�v�rn-�rn-vrrrruc7�1 crrc cr-n�ceFG�cccr <br />appliGaRt has failed to dernen6trate GE)FnplianGe with the , <br />6 standards, <br />the d&4Gt beard 6hall deny the app"Gatien. <br />Section 204.15. - Franchise renewals. <br />(a) The district board shall renew a franchise in a manner consistent with the terms <br />set forth in the franchise agreement and if necessary, follow the Request for <br />Proposal process set forth in the policies and procedures manual prepared <br />pursuant to Section 105.06ofthe County Code. <br />F=Gept as set feFthin spc}iGR 204.13.1above, <br />earth frannhise issued he-rFeU def <br />feF Fenewai are the role responsibility of the fraRGhisee and shall be filed with <br />the GOunty RGt lateF than Rinety (90) days pFioF to the expiFatien date of the <br />fFaRGhise. Failure to timely submit an appliGatien fGF Fenewal Fnay result in the <br />automatiG teFrRiRat0GR of the , <br />rM <br />M 'M effi, <br />