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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE No. 74-. 14 <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, That the Southern Standard Plumbing <br />Code, 1971 Edition, as printed by the Southern Building Code Congress is <br />hereby adopted by reference as the Indian River County, Florida, Plumbing <br />Code with the following modifications: <br />(1) Plumbing Official. Section 102, 1 is amended to read: <br />"There is hereby established a division of the Building Depart- <br />ment to be called the Plumbing Division, which shall be in the <br />charge of the County Building Official (sometimes hereinafter <br />referred to as the Plumbing Official). " <br />(2) Inspectors, Section 102. 2 is amended to read: <br />"With the approval of the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida (referred to herein as the Chief <br />Appointing Authority), a Building Official appointed by the Chief <br />Appointing Authority may appoint such number of officers, in- <br />spectors, assistants and other employees as shall be authorized <br />from time to time. No person shall be appointed as Inspector of <br />Plumbing who has not had at least ten (10) years' experience as <br />a plumbing inspector, Journeyman plumber, master plumber, <br />engineer or as a superintendent foreman or competent mechanic <br />in charge of plumbing construction. <br />(3) Requirements Not Covered by Code. Section 103. 5 is <br />amended to read: <br />"Any requirement necessary for the safety; strength or <br />stability of an existing or proposed plumbing installation, or for <br />the safety of the occupants of a building or structure, not specifi- <br />cally covered by this code, shall be determined by the Plumbing <br />Official, subject to appeal to the Board of Adjustments and <br />Appeals as established in the Building Code Ordinance. <br />(4) Liability. Section 103. 7 is amended by substituting <br />"County Attornn-:" for "Department of Law". <br />(5) Form. Section 104. 2 is amended to read: <br />"Application for a permit shall be made in person. The appli- <br />cant shall furnish information as may be required to complete the <br />application form furnished by the Plumbing Official. Such appli- <br />cation for a permit that involves the construction, installation <br />or modification of a septic tank or absorption field shall bear a <br />current certificate by the County- Health Department certifying <br />that said authority has or will issue a permit authorizing the <br />construction or installation shown on the application and drawings. <br />(0) Drawinfrs and S>l ecifications. Section 104.:3 is amendcd. <br />to react: <br />"Wh.-never, in thy: opinion of the Plncuhing Official, drawings <br />and sp^cific:aions arc• deeded to ;;hots dofirtitely the nature and <br />c.h;rr:ccter of thc• tort: fo:• tcitic't t!te :Ipplicatirin iz; m:ule, lite <br />alelili :i:t: ::It:ul fur"i.;lc ';Uch dl-.Iwi",�s :urd :;;tr cific;tliuns,. I'!u :c <br />....t••.. _.;t l i.(n ctCrc: It tr, tr:t!I ht dr' "n In :;c,de ;u"I :,uhinilrr;l <br />I lu lho v!lph <br />t ! I rc l -i •d I fi!,•rl <br />