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N� <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDI:•iANCE NO. 73- 9 <br />An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance adding section 10-A, <br />R -2A Multiple Family District•"To Indian River County <br />Ordinance No. 71-3; providing uses permitted, special <br />exceptions, building height, minimum lot size and floor <br />area, yard requirements, open space and parking and <br />providing an effective date. <br />Be it ordained, by the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida that Section 10 , Indian <br />River County Ordinance No, 71-3 is hereby amended by <br />adding the following: <br />Section 10-A R -2A Multiple Family District: <br />(A) Uses Fermitted. In this district a building or <br />premises may be used only for the following purposes: <br />(1) Single family dwellings <br />(2) Parks and playgrounds owned or operated by <br />the County, State or Federal Gov't., or by the <br />the property owners within a development or <br />by civic associations or similar non-profit <br />groups or agencies <br />(3) Accessory uses and structures customarily <br />associated with and subordinate to the above <br />uses, subject to conditions expressed in <br />Section 25, sub -paragraph (G). <br />(B) �2ecial Exceptions. The following uses may be <br />permitted by the County Zoning Commission after site plan <br />approval according to Section 23. <br />(1) Multiple Family dwellings <br />(2) Cultural and civic facilties <br />(3) Churches, schools and public buildings <br />(4) Country clubs, Yacht clubs, and Beach clubs <br />(5) Golf courses, tennis courts, horse stables, <br />airstrips which are not lighted for night use <br />' except for putting courses. <br />J <br />(C) Building Height Limit No building or structure shall <br />exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height, exclusive of <br />elevator shafts and/or air conditioning condensing <br />units and/or cooling towers and except as provided in <br />Section 25, paragraphs (A), and (P) of this Ordinance. <br />(D) Minimum Lot Size and Floor Area Required. For the <br />following specific uses every lot or parcel of land on <br />which living quarters are located shall provide a living <br />quarters area and a land area of at least the amount <br />indicated: <br />