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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 74-22 <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO MOBILE HOMES, AMENDING <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE 71-2, PROVIDING <br />FOR ON SITE INSPECTION, REQUIRING BLOCKING AND <br />ANCHORING, ESTABLISHING MINIMUM STANDARDS, ESTAB- <br />LISHING RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLIANCE, PROVIDING <br />EXCEPTIONS, PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF CERTI- <br />FICATES OF OCCUPANCY AND ENFORCEMENT AND PROVIDING <br />AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, That Indian River County <br />Ordinance 71-2 is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />MOBILE HOMES <br />Sec. 1: Prior to the issuance of a Certificate of <br />Occupancy for a mobile home, occupied as a dwelling, an on <br />site inspection shall be conducted by the County Building <br />Department to insure the provisions of this ordinance and <br />Chapter 320 of the Florida Statutes have been complied <br />with. Where the provisions of this ordinance are more restrictive <br />than Chapter 320, then the provisions of this ordinance shall <br />control. <br />Sec. 2: Every mobile home occupied as a dwelling shall <br />be blocked and anchored in accordance with this chapter. <br />Sec. 3: (a) Pier foundations shall be installed direc- <br />tly under the main frame (or Chassis) of the mobile home or <br />travel trailer. The piers shall not be further apart than <br />ten (10) feet on centers and the main frame, front or back, <br />shall not extend further than one (1) foot beyond the center <br />line of the end piers. <br />(b) All grass and organic material shall be <br />removed and the pier foundation placed on stable soil. <br />The pier foundation shall be a sixteen (16) inch by six- <br />teen (16) inch by four (4) inch concrete pad, precast or poured <br />in place. <br />(c) Piers may be constructed of regular eight <br />(8) inch by eight (8) inch by sixteen (16) inch concrete <br />block with open cells vertical, placed above the foundation <br />block. A two (2) inch by eight (8) inch wood plate shall <br />be placed on top of the pier with hardwood shims fitted and <br />driven tight between the wood plate and the main frame. <br />Sec. 4: (a) Anchors shall be installed on both sides of <br />the unit for every twelve (12) feet of trailer length. There <br />shall be a minimum of three (3), regardless of length, with <br />the further requirement that one (1) set shall be on each end. <br />(b) Anchors shall be of the screw auger type <br />or of the deadman type. <br />(c) If screw augers are used, they shall be of <br />no less than five-eighths (5/8) inch hot dipped galvanized <br />steel. Penetration to a depth of no less than three (3) feet <br />with a welded eye on one end and no less than a four (4) inch <br />auger cup on the other. <br />(d) If the deadman type is used, they shall be <br />of poured -in-place concrete, no less than eight (8) inches <br />in diameter and a depth of no less than two (2) feet in rock <br />or four (4) feet in soil. In this deadman, there shall be <br />cast to a minimum depth of twenty-four (24) inches a five - <br />eights (5/8) inch hot galvanized steel rod with a welded eye. <br />