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1 - <br />ORDINANCE 7/, - 1 <br />AN ORDINANCE TO BE KNOWN AS THE INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORITY ORDINANCE, DECLARING <br />LEGISLATI\' E INTENT; ESTABLISIIING THE INDIAN <br />RIVER COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORITY WHOSE MEMBERS <br />SIIALL CONSIST OF THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF <br />COUNTY COI,'fMISSIONERS; ESTABLISHING AN ADVISORY <br />BOARD SETTING QUALIFICATIONS THEREOF AND <br />DELINEATING POWERS AND DUTIES; AUTHORIZING THE <br />EMPLOYI\-TENT OF A DIRECTOR AND OTHER EMPLOYEES; <br />DELINEATING POWERS OF THE TRANSIT AUTHORITY; <br />REQUIRING PUBLIC HEARINGS ON ROUTES AND RECOM- <br />MENDATIONS FRO -T\1 i\''IUNICIPALITIES WITHIN WHOSE <br />BOUNDARIES THE ROUTES WILL BE ESTABLISHED; <br />AUTHORIZING CERTAIN CONTRACTS; GRANTING POWER <br />TO FIX RATES AND CHARGES AFTER PUBLIC HEARING; <br />REQUIRING REVENUE BONDS TO BE ISSUED IAT THE <br />NAME OF THE COUNTY; PROVIDING RULE-MAKING <br />POWERS; PERMITTING MANAGEMENT CONTRACTS; <br />REQUIRING DEVELOPMENT OF CO1\,IPREHENSIVE <br />TRANSPORTATIO PLANS; REQUIRING C01_\/IPLIANCE <br />WITH COUNTY ORDINANCES AND STATE AND FEDERAL <br />LAWS; PROVIDING FOR RIGHTS OF EMPLOYEES OF <br />TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ACQUIRED BY COUNTY; <br />REQUIRING ANNUAL BUDGETS; AUTHORIZING A LOAN <br />FROM THE COUNTY FOR INITIAL ORGANIZATION; <br />PROVIDING THAT THE SYSTEMS, IF POSSIBLE AND <br />FEASIBLE, SIIALL BE SELF-SUSTAINING AND ALSO <br />PROVIDING THAT COUNTY TAX FUNDS MAY BE USED; <br />REQUIRING SPECIAL TRUST ACCOUNT AND DISBURSAL <br />BY COUN'T'Y COMPTROLLER; PROVIDING SEVERABILITY; <br />AND PROVIDING EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />Section 1. SHORT TITLE. <br />This ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the "Indian <br />River County Transit Authority Ordinance". <br />Section 2. DECLARATION OF LEGISLATIVE INTENT. <br />It is the purpose and intent of this ordinance to provide for the <br />development, operation, and maintenance of an adequate unified :Hass <br />transportation system or systems by the County by means of an authority <br />providing service within both the incorporated and unincorporated areas <br />of the County to the extent provided by la -.v or agreement of municipalities <br />within the County. <br />Section 3. INDIAN RIVER COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORITY. <br />(a) The Indian River County Transit Authority is hereby <br />created and eslablished and shall consist of the five (5) members of the <br />Board or C(,mnty Commissioners who shall serve without additional <br />- I - <br />IJAW OI f'IC1:`, nr 1AMCil, (-OLLIN'; U. 1 AD(.1-T'1' <br />P. 0 1}r]Y. :—M. - 7-I4 In_n(.rn nun [I(-A1LJ'Vn-'O V1 CIO ul:nc.11, 1-1-OR111A <br />