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r <br />CLUP <br />Monday, November 2, 1981 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, met in Special Session at the City hall Council Chambers, <br />1053 20th Place, Vero Beach, Florida, on Monday, November 2, 1981, <br />at 7:00 o'clock P.M. Present were Patrick B. Lyons, Chairman; <br />William C. Wodtke, Jr., Vice Chairman;'Dick Bird; Alfred Grover <br />Fletcher; and Don C. Scurlock, Jr. Also present were Neil A. Nelson, <br />County Administrator;` R. Stephen Houlihan, Assistant Attorney to <br />the Board of County Commissioners; and Janice Caldwell,Deputy Clerk. <br />The Chairman called the meeting to order. <br />The Chairman stated that the purpose of the meeting was to <br />discuss the changes that had been brought about at the various CLUP <br />meetings, and to get the plan in its final form in order to prepare <br />for the ordinance.` <br />Attorney Houlihan advised the Board of the advertising <br />requirements for a public hearing before this plan can be adopted <br />by ordinance, and the Board would have to give their authorization <br />for the advertisement of the public hearing. <br />After some discussion, the Board felt they would prefer <br />to have a special meeting, instead of a regular meeting, in order <br />to adopt the CLUP ordinance. <br />Planning Director P.ever then discussed the I-95/Route 512 <br />Node and the Sebastian Airport,Industrial Node. He added that there <br />were 150 acres designated for commercial zoning, with no industrial <br />development provided for at I-95. Mr. Rever then discussed the <br />industrial nodes scattered throughout the County, and advised that <br />their staff's recommendation was to eliminate the Sebastian Airport <br />Industrial Node of 150 acres and retain the 150 acre designation but <br />make it both commercial and industrial; or to reduce the size of the <br />Airport Node to 50 acres. <br />BOOK <br />NOV 2 1981 � PAGE �© <br />