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r Nov 1981 Boa 47 w4,[ 888 <br />Ray Scent, interested citizen, came before the Board and <br />thought it would be best for the County to have a commercial -industrial <br />designation at I-95 and at Route 512 in order to give potential <br />developers a choice of two places to develop. <br />An unidentified person interjected that the people in the <br />Fellsmere area wanted this area designated for commercial only. <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Fletcher, seconded by <br />Commissioner Scurlock, that the Board maintain the position they <br />took at the public meeting regarding the 1-.95/Route 512 Node and <br />not change that position. <br />Commissioner Bird thought there was a six mile buffer strip <br />between Fellsmere and the I-95 interchange which would leave a very <br />broad buffer between any kind of development at I-95. He felt that <br />clean_, light industry would mean jobs to the people in the North <br />County, and to show this area strictly as commercial did not make <br />sense, as this would need a large residential area to support it. <br />Commissioner Bird thought that having the flexibility of being able <br />to put some light industry in the area would make sense and it would <br />be good for the community. Iie commented that he planned to vote <br />against the Motion. <br />Commissioner Wodtke stated he could think of no better areas <br />than the ones under discussion for development of some type of <br />industrial use. lie urged the Board to leave the 150 acre designation <br />and make it an industrial -commercial node. <br />Commissioner Fletcher stressed having public participation <br />in these matters and felt the Board should honor what they have <br />already heard from the people in the area under discussion. <br />Commissioner Scurlock expressed concern about establishing <br />large areas that do not have planned reservations for utility <br />services. <br />Planning Director Rever agreed that there was no projection <br />for utility services. <br />The Chairman called for the question. It was voted on and <br />carried with a vote of 3 to 2, with Commissioners Wodtke and Bird <br />voting in opposition. <br />