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ORDINANCE NO. 80- 4 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ORDINANCE <br />79-6 AND THEREBY AMENDING THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />"ENERGY CODE"; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY C01414ISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA: <br />SECTION I <br />That Section 4-110 of Indian River County Ordinance 79-6 is <br />hereby amended to read as follows: <br />"Section 4-110. Energy Efficiency Code for Building Con- <br />struction. <br />(a) On March 21, 1979, Indian River County adopted as an <br />additional building code for said County the "Indian <br />River County Energy Efficiency Building Code", also <br />known as "The Code For Energy Conservation In New <br />Building Construction With Florida Amendments", and <br />referred to herein as the "Energy Code", three (3) <br />copies of which are on file in the office of the Clerk <br />of the Circuit Court of Indian River County, Florida, <br />all of which are hereby made a part of the Indian River <br />County Code of Ordinances as if herewith completely <br />incorporated herein subject only to specific additions, <br />deletions, and amendments as set forth in this Section <br />4-110. Any person, firm or corporation, violating or <br />convicted of a violation of any provisions of said Code <br />for which a penalty is or may be provided shall be in <br />that manner punished, otherwise, or in addition thereto, <br />shall be puhished as prescribed by law. <br />(b) Add the following sentence to the introductory paragraph <br />Of Section 101.3(a) at page 1-2 of the energy code: <br />"Only those portions of the structure which are actually <br />renovated shall be required to meet this energy code." <br />(c) Replace Section 101.3(a) 2. at page 1-2 of the energy <br />Code, which as amended will read: <br />2. Exempt Buildings: <br />a. Any building or portion thereof whose peak <br />design rate of energy usage for all purposes <br />is less than 1 watt (3.4 British thermal units <br />per hour) per square foot of floor area for all <br />purposes. <br />b. Any building which is neither heated nor cooled. <br />c. Any mobile home. <br />d. Any building or portion thereof subject to <br />standards established by the United States. <br />e. Any historical building as described in s. 267.021 <br />(6) (Florida Statutes). <br />f. Any state building that must conform to the more <br />stringent "Florida Energy Conservation Act of <br />1974" and amendments thereto." <br />