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1 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING THE <br />FOLLOWING SECTIONS OF APPENDIX A OF THE CODE OF LAWS AND <br />ORDINANCES OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA KNOWN AS THE <br />ZONING CODE IN REGARDS TO MODIFYING AND ESTABLISHING REGU- <br />LATIONS RELATING TO UNENCLOSED COMMERCIAL AMUSEMENTS: SECTION <br />4(A), A-1, AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT; SECTION 18(A), CN, NEIGH- <br />BORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT; SECTION -19, CL, LIMITED COMMER- <br />CIAL DISTRICT, SECTION 20, CG, GENERAL COMMERCIAL DISTRICT; <br />SECTION 20,1, CH, HEAVY COMMERCIAL DISTRICT: SECTION 21, IL, <br />LIGHT INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT; SECTION 22(A), .IG, GENERAL INDUS- <br />TRIAL DISTRICT; SECTIONS 25.1(d) and 25.1(e), COMMERCIAL <br />ENTERTAINMENT, RECREATION AND AMUSEMENT SPECIFIC LAND USE <br />REGULATIONS; SECTION 25 rl (o) ,--RECREATION USER SPECIFIC LAND <br />USE REGULATIONS; AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF CONFLICTING <br />PROVISIONS. CODIFICAATION; SEVERABILI_TY,_AND EFFECTIVE -DAM <br />NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida that: <br />SECTION 1 <br />Section 4(A)(c) be hereby amended as follows: <br />"'-Uses- requiring—admi-nistratiNe—permits.---The- following <br />uses shall be permitted in the A-1 Agricultural Dis- <br />trict, subject to the specific use criteria established <br />in Section 25.1, regulations for specific land uses, and <br />review procedures established in Section 25.2, review of <br />uses requiring administrative permits. <br />1. Agricultural uses (section 25.1(a)). <br />Agricultural research facilities. <br />Dairy farming. <br />Fruit and vegetable packing houses. <br />Kennels and animal boarding places, commercial. <br />Small animal specialty farms. <br />Tenant dwelling. <br />2. Residential uses (Section 25.1(b)). <br />Mobile homes. <br />Single-family docks on vacant lots. <br />3. Institutional uses (Section 25.1(c)). <br />Child care or adult care facilities. <br />4. Recreational uses (Section 25.11¢y(o)), <br />Country clubs. <br />Golf courses. <br />5. Commercial uses (Section 25.1(f)). <br />Fruit and vegetable stands. <br />Veterinary clinic or animal hospital. <br />Commercial amusement, unenclosed; <br />Driving ranges (non-residential land use <br />designations only) (Sec. 25,1(d)). <br />6. Earthmoving. Section 25.1(j)). <br />mining activities." <br />Coding: Words_in_-ftp 0 4f9N_type_are_deletions-from existing <br />law. Words underlined are additions. <br />SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 11:57:10 - OfficialDocuments:711, Attachment Id 0, Page 1 <br />