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ORDINANCE--NO—.89— <br />SECTION <br />RDINANCE--NO. 89 <br />SECTION 2 <br />Section 4(A)(d) be hereby amended as follows: <br />"(d) Special exception uses. The following uses may be <br />permitted within the A-1 Agricultural District, subject <br />to the specific use criteria established in Section <br />25.1, regulations for specific land uses, and review <br />procedures established in Section 25.3, regulation of <br />special exception uses. <br />1. Agricultural uses. (Section 25.1(a)). <br />Agricultural businesses, excluding wholesaling and <br />Agricultural industries. <br />2. Residential uses. <br />Guest cottages (Section 25.1(b)). <br />Planned residential development (Section 25.4) <br />3. Community service uses. (Section 25.1(d)). <br />Correctional institutions. <br />Cultural and civic facilities. <br />Educational facilities, excluding business, <br />secretarial and Vocational. <br />Governmental administration buildings. <br />Recreation uses (Section 25.1(0)). <br />Major sports and recreation areas and facilities <br />including sports stadiums. <br />Transportation uses (Section 25.1(h)). <br />Airports and airstrips. <br />6. Utility uses (Section 25.1(1)). <br />Public and private utilities, heavy. <br />Transmission towers: Microwave, radio, T.V., etc." <br />SECTION 3 <br />Section 19(b)(4)c. be hereby amended as follows: <br />"(c) Commercial entertainment, recreation and amusement, <br />enclosed. dOJO IM ItoI,6h'O*WItV4aVV44/AhA/)uVeVgT(*e'd <br />O -XWivoaffIUfUlfU-01 <br />SECTION 4 <br />Section 20(b)(5) be hereby amended as follows: <br />"(5) Commercial uses: <br />a. Business services, <br />b. Commercial amusement, enclosed. <br />C. Eating and drinking establishments. <br />d. General merchandise sales; <br />Department store, <br />Furniture and major appliance sales, <br />Showroom-ctal-Gg--storte, <br />Variety store. <br />e. General office and financial services. <br />f. Limited retail sales. <br />g. Personal services. <br />Coding: Words in $fz`YI¢1ffWi type are deletions from existing <br />law. Words underlined are additions. <br />SmeadSoft Reprint Date: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 11:57:10 - OfficialDocuments:711, Attachment Id 0, Page 2 2 <br />