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REPf�RT OF Log ASSESSOR, <br />To the Comptrollerp State of Florida, Under Section 407, Revised General Statutes <br />of Florida. <br />INDIAN RIVER COMM <br />For the six months ending December 31! 1930 <br />Commissions account 1930 Tax Roll 2015*89 <br />Total Receipts for six months ending Dec. 31, 1930 <br />ZMEM <br />Traveling expenses, gas, oil etc • • • • • • • • • • • • • <br />7rostage�& printing & Repairs to office Equip. . . <br />Clerk Eire .. . . . <br />Total expense for the six months Dec 31-1930 <br />Net Receipts for the six months ending Dec. 319 1930 <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />$ 2015,89 <br />18.95 <br />.$ <br />14.85 <br />41.F. A. Park <br />810.00 <br />$ <br />843.80 <br />$ 1172.09 <br />Y, To R. DUWAN, Tax Assessor' County of Indian River, State of Florida, do solem <br />swear that the above is a true, correct and complete report of all fees# commissions <br />or remuneration received by me as Tax Assessor, and of the expenses paid of for which <br />I have become liable, for the six months ending December 319 1930: <br />y <br />W Sworn to -Afid-"subscribed before me <br />this 26 day of January 1931. <br />(SEAL) <br />Miles Warren <br />Clerk iareu t couff: <br />sessOre Indian River County, <br />As provided by law, the Board of County Commissioners proceeded to select from the <br />registration books the names of persons to serve as jurors for the year 1931, making a <br />list of the persons so selected in their own handwriting and attaching to the list so <br />made their certificate and affidavit as to their qualifications as provided by the law. <br />The list to selected, being as follows: <br />81.D.N.NcCloud <br />1. L.Ashburner. <br />41.F. A. Park <br />122.Johr Morris - <br />2. R.C.Holtzelaw <br />42.S. A. Park <br />84.A. L. Pfarr <br />3. W.W.Holtzclaw <br />43.Hoberson Park <br />125.J.W.McCullers <br />4. Adolph Pesat <br />44.B. C. Ryall <br />87.A.L.Stinson <br />5. Heno�Y Reed <br />45.L. B. Ryall <br />128.A. W. 'Moods <br />6. Thomas Reed <br />46.B. C. Ryall <br />90.Chas.Vandiveer <br />7. Earnest WinneY <br />47.5. T. Rosier <br />131.J. H. goods <br />8. W.F.Baughman (2) <br />48.Archie Smith <br />93.C.G.Wilhoit <br />9. S. A. Braswell <br />49.Henory Shueman <br />95.A.C.Abrahamson <br />1;.Chas Chas Beugno t <br />5 0 ,.alb rt Shueman <br />136.J.W.Barker <br />11.L.O.Baughman <br />51.L. P. 'Sloan <br />98.GoT.Blanton <br />12.W. J. Bess52.T. <br />Thompson <br />139.W. E. Cherry <br />13.T.W.Bra,iuri. <br />53,Ben Thomas <br />101.R.J.Delano <br />14.L.F,Che66er <br />54 -Frank Vickers <br />142.A.E.Cooksey <br />15.J.BCarletvn <br />55.J.D.Williams <br />104.'S.R.Hamilton <br />16.Floyd Cooper <br />56.D.P.Allison (3) <br />17.T.F. Davis <br />57.W.B.Aughtman <br />18.S. A. Davis <br />58.R,W'.Aughtman <br />19.W.C'.Edwards <br />J. <br />59.A; J. `Byrd <br />20.Heart"-Finds <br />60.A. Carter <br />21.A, Foster <br />61,T. R. Cadenhead <br />22.Roy'K.Fields <br />62.Homer Cail <br />23.B arnwell Foster <br />63.E.T.Christman <br />152.W. B. Davis <br />24.T. B. Hicks <br />64.E.,C, Dancy <br />114.J.H.Jerkins. <br />25.J.R.Harris6n <br />65.T. F. Etters <br />155.A. W. Dedge <br />f 26.C. N.- _HAtch <br />66 •J. J. Gibbs <br />27.F.T.Hemriek <br />67.J. R. Graves <br />28.E. J. Ingem <br />68.Hubert Graves <br />29.W. N. Jones <br />69.J.R.Graves <br />30.L, P. Jones <br />70.Paul E.Hood <br />31.Paul Kreogle <br />71.J. A. Harmes <br />32..R. Kirk <br />72.G.. H. Heath <br />33.Richard Kimball <br />73.T. N. Jones <br />34.Rodna Kreogle <br />74.R.W.Jameson <br />N <br />A5.A.N.Letohwrth <br />75.=S. B. Jones <br />36.R.B.Letehwerth <br />76.W. G. Jones <br />37.F. R. Miller <br />77.B.E.Kennedy <br />38.J. B. Nays <br />78.N.R.Knight <br />39.W. A. Martin <br />79.J.H.Longaker <br />40 -George Belson <br />80.J. J. Lewis <br />81.D.N.NcCloud <br />121.N. B. Monroe <br />82.L.B .0 l°Steen <br />122.Johr Morris - <br />83.H. <br />83.H. W. Prange <br />123.Walter Mathis <br />84.A. L. Pfarr <br />124.W.T.NcCuliers <br />85.W.N.Roddenberry <br />125.J.W.McCullers <br />86.G.A.Stinson <br />126.A. J. McCall <br />87.A.L.Stinson <br />127.Dan B NcCullers <br />88.R.F.Stough <br />128.A. W. 'Moods <br />89.C.A.Vandiver <br />129.W. H. Walker <br />90.Chas.Vandiveer <br />130.L. J. Woods <br />91.E. B. Walls <br />131.J. H. goods <br />92.L.R.Wilkinson <br />132.Floyd Williams <br />93.C.G.Wilhoit <br />133.E.C.Wilkerson, <br />94.C.N.Anderson (4) 134.Wm.B.Allison (5) <br />95.A.C.Abrahamson <br />135.quintus Bobo <br />96.J.J.B lanton <br />136.J.W.Barker <br />97.D.T.B lanton <br />137.W.S.Buckingham <br />98.GoT.Blanton <br />138.E. Co Bruce ' <br />99.0. V. Collins <br />139.W. E. Cherry <br />100.W.H.Donaldson <br />140,G. to Carter <br />101.R.J.Delano <br />141.John Corsa <br />102.D. Floyd <br />142.A.E.Cooksey <br />103.C.A.Garbett <br />143.A.F.Carlsward <br />104.'S.R.Hamilton <br />144.C.T.Carloon <br />105.W.B,Hamilton <br />145.H.Carlsward, <br />106.G.A.Hamilton <br />146.L. C. Cook <br />107.C.E.Hamilton <br />147.W.B.Crosby- <br />108.B. D.. Hinton <br />148.E. G. Danberg <br />109.Geo.G.Horton <br />149*0. N. Demond' <br />110.8 P.Hurst <br />150.BA J. Danberg <br />lll.J.WoHinton <br />151.Gilman G.Crosby <br />112.L. Ao Harp <br />152.W. B. Davis <br />113.E.L.Hamilton <br />153.L. E. Davis <br />114.J.H.Jerkins. <br />154.Guy Dedge <br />115.3. J. Kersey <br />155.A. W. Dedge <br />116.B. K. Kersey <br />156.Joseph H.DeLarme <br />117,0. C,, Kersey <br />157.E. J. Ewing <br />118 -Geo. Long <br />158.F. G. Fletcher <br />119.C.A.Lightsey <br />159 -Joe W.Fosling <br />120.M.J.Lightsey <br />160.W.H.Focks. <br />I <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />