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upon by the Department, the modifications will be reduced to writing in an <br />amendment to this Project Agreement. <br />4. The Grantee shall construct, or cause the construction of, specified recreational trail <br />facilities and improvements, (hereinafter referred to as "Project Elements"), upon <br />the real property identified in the approved Project application and Attachment A, <br />Grant Work Plan. The following shall be considered the Project Elements, which <br />may be modified by the Department upon a showing of good cause, and that the <br />spirit and intent of the Project is maintained: construction of 2,650 linear feet of 8 - <br />foot wide stabilized trail, installation of signage and sod adjacent to the trail and <br />related support facilities). Any revisions to the Project Elements must be formally <br />requested by the Grantee and, if agreed upon by the Department, the modifications <br />will be reduced to writing in an amendment to this Project Agreement. <br />5. The Project Elements identified in Paragraph 4 above shall be designed and <br />constructed substantially in accordance with the conceptual site development plan <br />contained in the approved Project application and Attachment A. Project Elements <br />shall be attractive for public use, and generally consistent and compatible with the <br />environment. Plans and specifications for Project Elements shall be in accord with <br />current and established engineering and architectural practices. Emphasis should <br />be given to the health and safety of users, accessibility to the general public, and <br />the protection of the recreation and natural values of the area. Any and all utility <br />lines installed within the Project shall be placed underground. The Grantee shall <br />have the Project Site plan (site engineering and architectural) prepared by an <br />architect or engineer licensed by the State of Florida. <br />6. The Project Agreement shall be performed pursuant to Chapter 62S-2, F.A.C.; the <br />National Recreational Trails Fund Act of 1991, 23 U.S.C. 206, as amended <br />(hereinafter referred to as "Program"); and in accordance with general provisions <br />for such agreements prescribed by the United States Department of Transportation, <br />Federal Highway Administration (hereinafter referred to as "FHWA") in the FHWA <br />Interim Guidance (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance") and the State of Florida <br />Department of Transportation's Project Development & Environment Manual, <br />(hereinafter referred to as the "FDOT PD&E Manual"). The Grantee shall comply <br />with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including the National <br />Environmental Policy Act, the implementing regulations contained in the _Code of <br />Federal Regulations, specifically 23 CFR Part 771, and the Federal -Aid Policy <br />Guide referred to in the Guidance. No construction performed under this Project <br />Agreement shall be contrary to the requirements of the Acts of Congress or of the <br />regulations of the FHWA. In the event a dispute arises between the parties <br />concerning the intent of any language contained in this Project Agreement, the <br />same shall be resolved by the adoption of that meaning which furthers the intent <br />and purpose of the above referenced Acts of Congress and the general provisions <br />governing this Project Agreement. <br />Revised 06/14 <br />DEP Project Agreement No, T1435, Page 2 of 18 <br />