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S.T <br />ao5-OO19 <br />Agreement <br />THIS AGREEMENT is by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a Political Subdivision of the State of Florida <br />organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Florida, (hereinafter called OWNER) <br />and Briggs Golf Construction, Inc. <br />(hereinafter called CONTRACTOR). <br />OWNER and CONTRACTORin consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, agree as follows: <br />ARTICLE 1- WORK <br />1.01 CONTRACTOR shall complete all Work as specified or indicated in the Contract Documents. The <br />Work is generally described as follows: <br />Lakes bunker re -design on holes 4 & 5 at Sandridge Golf Course. <br />ARTICLE 2 - THE PROJECT <br />2.01 The Project for which the Work <br />generally described as follows: <br />Project Name: <br />Bid Number: <br />Project Address: <br />ARTICLE 3 - CONTRACT TIMES <br />under the Contract Documents may be the whole or only a part is <br />Lakes Bunker Re -Design on Holes 4 & 5 <br />2015035 <br />Sandridge Golf Club <br />5300 73rd Street <br />Vero Beach, FL 32967 <br />3.01 Term: This Agreement shall remain in effect for a term of one (1) year, unless otherwise sooner <br />terminated by mutual consent of the parties. <br />3.02 Time of Completion: Project shall be completed 30 days from receipt of the Notice to Proceed. <br />ARTICLE 4 - CONTRACT PRICE <br />4.01 OWNER shall pay CONTRACTOR for completion of the Work an amount in current funds equal to <br />the sum of the amounts determined pursuant to paragraph 4.01.A and summarized in paragraph <br />4.01.B, below: <br />A. For all Work, at the prices stated in CONTRACTOR's Bid, attached hereto as an exhibit. <br />B. THE CONTRACT SUM subject to additions and deductions provided in the Contract Documents: <br />Numerical Amount: $ 61,800.00 <br />Written Amount: Sixty-one thousand, eight hundred dollars and zero cents <br />1 <br />