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ARTICLE 5 - PAYMENT PROCEDURES <br />5.01 Owner shall make only one payment for the entire amount of the contract when the work has <br />been completed. Upon a determination of satisfactory completion, the COUNTY Project Manager will <br />authorize payment to be made. All payments for services shall be made to the CONTRACTOR by the <br />COUNTY in accordance with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act, as may be amended from time <br />to time (Section 218.70, Florida Statutes, et seq.). <br />ARTICLE 6 — INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION <br />6.01 The CONTRACTOR shall not commence work on this Agreement until it has obtained all <br />insurance required under this Agreement and such insurance has been approved by the COUNTY's Risk <br />Manager. <br />6.02 CONTRACTOR shall procure and maintain, for the duration of this Agreement, the minimum <br />insurance coverage as set forth herein. The cost of such insurance shall be included in the <br />CONTRACTOR's fee: <br />A. Workers' Compensation: To meet statutory limits in compliance with the Workers' <br />Compensation Law of Florida. This policy must include employers' liability with a limit <br />$1,000,000 for each accident, $500,000 disease policy limit and $100,000 disease each <br />employee. Such policy shall include a waiver of subrogation as against Owner on account of <br />injury sustained by an employee(s) of the CONTRACTOR. <br />B. General Liability: A per occurrence form policy, including Premise Operations, Independent <br />Contractors, Products and Completed Operations including X, C, U (Explosion, Collapse, <br />Underground) Broad Form Property Damage, Broad Form Property Damage Endorsement, with <br />a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000 general aggregate to include <br />products/completed operations, personal injury/advertising liability, fire damage /legal liability, <br />and medical payments. Limits can be layered with an Excess Liability Policy (Umbrella). <br />C. Business Automobile Liability: Coverage shall include Owned vehicles and Hired/Non-Owned <br />vehicles, for a combined single limit (bodily injury and property damage) of not less than <br />$1,000,000/combined single limit (Bodily Injury/Property Damage); personal injury protection - <br />- statutory limits; $100,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist; $100,000/hired/non-owned auto <br />liability. Limits can be layered with Excess Liability Policy (Umbrella). <br />6.03 Contractor's insurance coverage shall be primary. <br />6.04 All required insurance policies shall be placed with insurers licensed to do business in Florida <br />and with a Best's rating of A -VII or better. <br />6.05 The insurance policies procured shall be occurrence forms, not claims made policies with the <br />exception of professional liability. <br />6.06 A certificate of insurance shall be provided to the COUNTY's Risk Manager for review and <br />approval, ten (10) days prior to commencement of any work under this Agreement. The COUNTY shall <br />be named as an additional insured on all policies except workers' compensation and professional <br />liability. <br />6.07 The insurance companies selected shall send written verification to the COUNTY's Risk Manager <br />that they will provide 30 days prior written notice to the COUNTY's Risk Manager of its intent to cancel <br />or modify any required policies of insurance. <br />2 <br />