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APR 14 1987 <br />BOOK Pf1GE 0 <br />A___Approval_of Appointments_ of_Deputy_ Sheriffs_ by Sheriff_Dobeck <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved <br />the following appointments of Deputy Sheriffs by <br />Sheriff Dobeck: <br />Timothy J. Peterson <br />Darin M. Jones <br />Gary S. Farless <br />James W. Hyde <br />Barry L. Beckerdite <br />B. Report <br />Received and placed on file in the Office of the Clerk to <br />the Board: <br />Annual Financial Report - Vero Lakes and Delta Farms <br />Water Control Districts for 1986 <br />C. Approval_ of Renewal_ Applications for Pistol Permits <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 3/24/87: <br />TO: The Honorable Members of DATE: March 24, 1987 FILE: <br />the Board of County Commissioners <br />SUBJECT: PISTOL PERMIT RENEWALS <br />FROM: Charles P. <br />CountyAdmi nistrator REFERENCES: <br />The following persons have applied through the Clerk's Office for renewal of <br />pistol permits: <br />Raymond Paul Gillman <br />Roscoe 0. Whiddon <br />Wesley U. "Duke" Newcome <br />Donald A. Baldwin <br />J. Arlington Myers <br />All requirements of the ordinance have been met and are in order. <br />� • 1 <br />