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B. & C. - Reports <br />The following were received and placed on file in the office <br />of Clerk to the Board: <br />Traffic Violation Bureau, Special Trust Fund, <br />Month of May, 1987'- $46,294.68 <br />Month to date report by last name, Month of May, 1987 <br />Report of Convictions, Month of May, 1987 <br />D. Final Plat Approval - Old Sugar Mill Estates, Unit 4 <br />The Board reviewed memo of Stan Boling, Chief, Current <br />Development: <br />TO: The Honorable Members of DATE: June 5, 1987 FILE: <br />the Board of County Commissioners <br />DIVISION HEAD CONCURRENCE: <br />FINAL PLAT APPROVAL <br />Robert M. Kea in ICP SUBJECT: FOR OLD SUGAR MILL <br />Planning & Development Director ESTATES UNIT 4 <br />Stan Boling -/d 6• old sugar mill <br />FROM: Chief, Current DevelopmeBEFERENCES: STAN4 <br />It is requested that the data herein presented be given formal <br />consideration by the Board of County Commissioners at their <br />regular meeting of June 16, 1987. <br />DESCRIPTION & CONDITION: <br />The Old Sugar Mill Estates Unit 4 plat consists of a six lot <br />addition to the existing and platted phases of Old Sugar Mill <br />Estates, located north of 12th Street, west of 43rd Avenue. The <br />Planning & Zoning Commission granted preliminary plat approval for <br />the Unit 4 addition on November 11, 1984. The subdivision <br />improvements have subsequently been constructed and inspected and <br />approved. <br />The trustees/owners, John Tripson, Ralph Waldo Sexton, and Charles <br />Randolph Sexton, through their agent, James Beindorf, are now <br />requesting final plat approval and have submitted: <br />1. a final plat that conforms to the approved preliminary plat; <br />2. an executed warranty -maintenance agreement covering all <br />improvements to be dedicated to the County (roads and ease- <br />ments); and <br />3. a maintenance bond representing at least 250 of the cost of <br />the improvements. <br />ANALYSIS: <br />The Public Works and Utilities Departments have inspected and <br />deemed acceptable all required improvements. The County Attor- <br />L_ JUS! 16 X0,'87 <br />3 BOOK F'A�E 54 <br />