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4r <br />SEP 2 .1987 BOOK 69 ! AGS 2:33 <br />Board, which is comprised of 3 Commissioners and 2 School Board <br />members. Tonight is not the place to discuss that or the <br />question of a lost Homestead Exemption. We would like to hear <br />suggestions for cutting the budget in specific areas rather than <br />general comments about the increase. He noted that the School <br />Board holds a separate budget hearing and adopts their own <br />millage rates. The County has no ability to be involved in that <br />process. The same applies to the Mosquito Control, Drainage, and <br />Hospital Districts. He further noted that if the Board of County <br />Commissioners chooses to object to a constitutional officer's <br />budget, we don't have final approval. The constitutional <br />officers have the right to go to the State for final approval if <br />they wish. <br />OMB Director Joe Baird informed those present that Notice of <br />tonight's meeting has been legally publicized by the TRIM Notice <br />which was mailed to all property owners in the county. Director <br />Baird advised that to fulfill legal requirements, the millage <br />increase over rollback millage must be stated. The first millage <br />quoted will be the aggregate millage, which is arrived at by <br />adding all the ad valorem taxes levied by the governing body for <br />countywide purposes plus the ad valorem taxes levied for all <br />dependent districts divided by the total taxable value of the <br />county. Rollback is the millage rate which is exclusive of ad <br />valorem taxes on new construction and annexations. <br />Director Baird announced that the.proposed aggregate millage <br />of the total overall budget is 4.945, which is a 24% increase <br />over the rollback millage which was 3.9866. <br />The OMB Director then proceeded to review the proposed <br />budgets and millages for the various taxing funds, which are as <br />follows: <br />2 <br />