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FF ­ <br />S E P 8 1987 BOOK 69 PACE 263 <br />P <br />B. Historic Preservation Planning Assistance Grant Application <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 8128187: <br />TO: The Honorable Members DATE: August 28, 198` FILE: <br />%' of the Board of County <br />Commissioners <br />DIVISION HEAD CONCURRENCE: HISTORIC PRESERVATION <br />SUBJECT: GRANTING APPLICATIONCE <br />Robert M. Kea ng, CP _ <br />Director, PlanIning & Development <br />FROM: David C. Nearing OO -O REFERENCES: <br />Staff Planner, Long -Range Planning <br />It is requested that the data herein presented be given formal <br />consideration by `the Board of County Commissioners at their <br />regular meeting of September 8, 1987. <br />DESCRIPTION & CONDITIONS <br />The Florida Department of State is soliciting applications for <br />State grants-in-aid for historic preservation projects. This <br />is the same program for which the County unsuccessfully <br />submitted an application last year. As with last year's <br />program, the Bureau of Historic Preservation is encouraging <br />applications which propose to develop preservation elements (or <br />preservation components of coastal management, future land use, <br />and housing elements) of Local Government Comprehensive Plans. <br />The Bureau is also giving priority to projects which cover <br />relatively large, poorly surveyed geographic areas, such as <br />Indian River County. <br />As a result of the recent planning legislation enacted by the <br />State, Indian River County must incorporate historic and <br />archaeological concerns in its required comprehensive plan. <br />Chapter 9J-5 of the Florida Administrative Code, entitled <br />"Minimum Criteria for Review of Local Government Comprehensive <br />Plans and Determination of Compliance," requires that the <br />County address identification, designation, and protection of <br />historically significant properties in various elements of the <br />Comprehensive Plan. <br />The funds available from the subject grant program would enable <br />the County to undertake required historic preservation <br />activities. As such, these funds would complement grant funds <br />being provided to the County from the Department of Community <br />Affairs for comprehensive planning activities. <br />ANALYSIS & ALTERNATIVES <br />Indian River County has never had a formal historic sites <br />survey conducted, and only four sites have been recorded on the <br />Florida Master Site File. <br />In order to meet the requirements as outlined in Chapter 9J-5, <br />the Minimum Criteria Rule for Local Government Comprehensive <br />Plans, it will be necessary to conduct a cursory site survey of <br />the County in order to estimate the number of historical and <br />- - <br />archaeological sites the County may have, a--nd__ it will be--- <br />necessary to record the most readily identifiables sites on the <br />Florida Master Site File. Analysis of the identified sites -ma -y ---- <br />also be utilized by the Planning Department to develop goals, <br />2 <br />