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N O V 10 1987 7 <br />BOOK 70 PA;E 39 <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Eggert requested that Items E, G and K, be <br />removed for discussion, and Commissioner Bird requested that Item <br />H be removed for discussion also. <br />A. 43rd Ave. Ext. N. Gifford Rd. (R/W Acquisition - Carter) <br />The Board reviewed memo of R/W Agent Finney: <br />J&E HONORABLE MEMBERS OF <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />=; <br />THROUGH: <br />Charles P. Balczun <br />r County Administrator <br />DATE:October 23, 1987 FILE: <br />SUBJECT:North Gifford Road R/W <br />43rd Avenue Extension <br />r: James W. Davis, P.E. tj Parcel #100/Carter <br />Public Works Director <br />'"s REFERENCES: <br />FROKonald G. Finney, S <br />Right -of -Way Acquisition Agent <br />DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS <br />To complete the 43rd Avenue paving north of N. Gifford Road, the <br />county requires a 101x900.5' additional right-of-way. The appraised <br />value as of February 16, 1987 was $4,953.00. The property owner would <br />settle for $10,000.00. The Board authorized condemnation on April 21, <br />1987. After further lengthy negotiations, the property owner is now <br />willing to sell the above right-of-way to I.R.C. for $7,500.00. <br />At the present time, the County Road and Bridge Dept. is 30% <br />complete with 43rd Avenue construction. Construction cannot proceed <br />until the right-of-way is acquired. If the County does not settle this <br />acquistion, a further 2 month delay will transpire. <br />RECOMMENDATION & FUNDING <br />Realizing the time element to get an Order of Taking, and the time <br />since the appraisal and the following costs, staff requests authoriza- <br />tion to purchase the 101x900.5' right-of-way at $7,500.00. <br />Appraised Value $4,953.00 <br />Minimum condem. costs 5,858.00 <br />Minimum total $10,811.00 by eminant domain <br />Sufficient funds are available in Fund <br />109- Local Option Gas Tax to underwrite <br />costs of this right-of-way acquisition. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Wheeler, the Board unanimously authorized <br />purchase of the above described Right -of -Way at <br />$7,500 as recommended by staff. <br />2 <br />