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DEC 15 1981 BOOR 70 P,IUuW <br />Administrator Balczun requested the postponement until <br />December 22 of Item M on today's Consent Agenda - Budget Transfer <br />for Assistant Administrator's Car Allowance - and requested the <br />addition of a discussion regarding office space for himself and <br />the Assistant Administrator. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Bowman, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Eggert, the Board unanimously added, <br />postponed, and deleted the above items. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The Chairman asked if there were any corrections or <br />additions to the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 11, <br />1987. There were none. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Wheeler, the Board unanimously <br />approved the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of <br />11/17/87, as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Eggert requested that Items B, F and N be <br />removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion, and Commissioner <br />Wheeler requested that Items D and E be removed also. <br />A. Report <br />Received and placed on file in the Office of the Clerk to <br />the Board: <br />Traffic Violation Bureau, Special Trust Fund <br />Month of November, 1987 - $41,605.40 <br />B. Repair of Lindsey Road (tabled from 12/8/87 meeting) <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 11/25/87: <br />P? <br />