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Abe Kreitman, a hydrogeologist in the firm of Geraghty & <br />Miller, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens, continued his presentation <br />from the meeting of March 22, 1988. He again presented his <br />opinions and objections to the 25 ft. average mean level on the <br />coastal sand ridge. He maintained that the 25 -ft. figure is <br />arbitrary, capricious, and subjective, and that some parts of the <br />ordinance are too vague while some parts are too detailed and <br />specific. With regard to the 25 -ft. minimum elevation on the <br />coastal sand ridge, Mr. Kreitman stated he was not here to debate <br />the issue, but was here to give the Board the benefit of his <br />expertise on the subject. He felt that the proposed ordinance as <br />it reads now needs a significant amount of work, and urged the <br />Board not to pass it today. <br />Commissioner Bird stressed that the Board is here today to• <br />hear specific objections to the ordinance. He stated that Mr. <br />Kreitman had convinced him at the last meeting that the weight of <br />the sand on the sand ridge does not keep out salt water <br />intrusion; however, it would seem to make some sense that sand is <br />an excellent filter. He asked what amount of sand is generally <br />accepted as being adequate to filter the water before it reaches <br />the shallow aquifer. <br />Mr. Kreitman explained that the value of the sand ridge as a <br />water resource benefit comes from the fact that it is quite <br />permeable and filters rain water quite quickly, as opposed to the <br />area east of the sand ridge where the water runs off. <br />The Chairman asked Mr. Kreitman to please answer <br />Commissioner Bird's question before going off on another facet of <br />stormwater run-off. The question is whether an amount of sand <br />over the aquifer has some benefit. <br />Mr. Kreitman stated that the only benefit from the sand over <br />the aquifer is to filter out cigarettes and leaves. The answer <br />to Commissioner Bird's question is "no". <br />In regard to the depths of "real-estate" lakes, Mr. Kreitman <br />I <br />advised <br />that he and other experts maintain <br />that the depth <br />of <br />the <br />APR 2 1 <br />1988 <br />3 <br />BOOK. <br />72 <br />FArU 240 <br />I <br />