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ON MOTION by Commissioner Wheeler, SECONDED <br />by Commissioner Bird, the Board unanimously (4-0) <br />approved the Minutes of the Regular Meetings of <br />} <br />June 7, 1988 and June 14, 1988, as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Chairman Scurlock requested that Item 1 be removed from the <br />Consent Agenda for discussion. <br />1. Change Order to IRC Bid #409 - Chemicals <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 6/3/88: <br />TO: Charles P. Balczun DATE: June 3, 1988 FILE: <br />County Administrator <br />SUBJECT: C`wG>; ORDER To <br />IRC BID #409-CEEMICAIS <br />FRO��'� ����/ <br />Gus c.P.M. REFERENCES: <br />Ambler, <br />Purchasing Manager <br />1. DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS: <br />A tern contract to supply chemicals for the Utilities <br />Department was awarded in March 1988. Lot 5, Caustic <br />Soda was awarded to PB&S Chemicals. PB&S Chemicals has <br />requested that they be allowed to increase their <br />price for Caustic Soda beginning July 1, 1988, because <br />the manufacturer they represent has increased their <br />cost. Purchasing recognizes that the supply market <br />for this chemical is vary volatile at this time. Our <br />original bid contained no clauses for price increases. <br />2. ALTERQTIVFS AMID ANALYSIS: <br />Their are two alternatives to resolve this problem. <br />First the County could accept this price change as being <br />reasonable because of the nature of this camiodity. <br />Second, we could cancel this portion of the tern contract <br />and rebid. Discussions with Sharon Brennan, Assistant <br />County Attorney, indicates that canceling only Lot 5 of <br />of this Bid is legal. <br />3. P1E MWDATION AND FUNDING: <br />Staff recanmends that we cancel Lot 5 of Bid 409 and negotiate <br />for best prices for the next 60 days and rebid. <br />Budgetary approval will be confirmed for expenditure <br />from Utilities -Services on an as needed basis, before <br />Purchase orders are placed. <br />2 j c� <br />BOOK �',1GF. 95 <br />JUN 2 8 1988 <br />