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no confidence in him in the past, and as of yesterday's meeting, <br />had no respect for him and that he certainly has no credibility <br />with him whatsoever. Therefore, Commissioner Wheeler believed it <br />is in the best interests of the county to have Mr. Balczun <br />terminated as soon as possible and out of the building, and then <br />we can go to court and whatever the Judge rules, he can live <br />with, but he believed there was a contract and everything <br />indicates that. <br />MOTION WAS MADE by Commissioner Wheeler, SECONDED <br />by Commissioner Eggert, to terminate Administrator <br />Balczun's employment as of today. <br />Commissioner Eggert stated that she was extremely disap- <br />pointed. When she talked to Administrator Balczun a week ago <br />Monday, and they went through what the difference was between <br />resignation and his being fired in terms of 90 days plus vacation <br />or 90 days plus vacation and severance, he talked about having <br />gone through his contracts, and she is just appalled at what she <br />heard yesterday. <br />Commissioner Bird advised that he probably will vote against <br />the Motion. He was really teetering yesterday as to whether he <br />would vote for or against the termination, and one of the things <br />that pushed him over the edge was the threat of a lawsuit, which <br />didn't sit well with him; however, his vote was to terminate with <br />90 days' notice. Commissioner Bird continued that he has had <br />some disappointments with Administrator Balczun, too, but <br />probably not to the degree a couple of the other Commissioners <br />have had. <br />Chairman Scurlock interjected that he felt it should be made <br />clear that at least three of the other Commissioners have had <br />significant problems, and Commissioner Bird agreed that at least <br />three Commissioners have had significant problems with the <br />Administrator. <br />2 <br />BOOK 3 PKK 414 <br />