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Commissioner Eggert requested the addition of an update on <br />the City of Sebastian proposed ordinance to allow a library in <br />multiple family zoning. This was added as Item N. <br />Mayor Votapka stated that the purpose of this joint meeting <br />is to discuss numerous items and gather information which will <br />enlighten the City of Sebastian on County projects and foster <br />better relations and cooperation between the two governments. <br />A. JOINT COOPERATION OF IRC AND SEBASTIAN IN THE REPAIR OF <br />-OF— <br />BARBER ST EED I N S BSE A I AARI G IH TREE R S OF ITC--PM-CTC <br />WORK-6TRE-TffM W r57TRD SEBASTIAN CITY MANMER RUBS -M -E -CLARY <br />Mayor Votapka advised that Barber Street south of Joy Haven <br />and the southern extension of the city portion of Schumann Drive <br />are being repaired through the joint efforts.of the Indian River <br />County Commission, Sebastian City Manager Robert McClary and <br />County Public Works Director Jim Davis. He thanked all those <br />involved in the project. <br />Director Jim Davis gave an update on the paving project. He <br />anticipated the project would be forthcoming in September and <br />would take approximately two weeks depending on the weather. <br />Mayor Votapka asked about the possibility of using gas tax <br />funds for a bike path in conjunction with the paving, and <br />Director Davis explained that gas tax funds can be applied to the <br />construction of bike paths only in conjunction with new road <br />construction. He noted that local citizen groups in the county <br />are holding fundraisers to raise money for bike paths since there <br />is no county revenue source at this time. The approximate cost <br />for bike paths is $7.50 to $10.00 per foot. <br />Commissioner Bird reported that the joint IRC/City of Vero <br />Beach Bike Path Committee approved the master plan just this week <br />for a county -wide master bikeway system and would start to <br />prioritize sites for bike paths. <br />2 <br />BOOK A f';, <br />,.Dig <br />