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ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Com- <br />missioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved <br />the Minutes of the Special Meeting of November 29, <br />1988, as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Reports <br />The following Report was received and placed on file in the <br />Office of Clerk to the Board: <br />Traffic Violation Bureau, Special Trust Fund, <br />Month of November, 1988 - $47,012.61 <br />B. Extension of Grand Harbor Contract and Posted Security to <br />GuaranteeeCompTetToFnoT-lfF pprovecT sE-tuarine ystem <br />The Board reviewed memo from Chief Planner Boling: <br />TO: The Honorable Members of the Board of County <br />Commissioners <br />DIVISION HEAD CONCURRENCE: <br />f; <br />Robert M.esti g, A <br />Community Devel pmeAtt/DDirector <br />FROM: Stan Boling, AICP <br />Chief, Current Development <br />DATE: December 16, 1988 <br />SUBJECT: EXTENSION OF GRAND HARBOR CONTRACT AND POSTED SECURITY <br />TO GUARANTEE COMPLETION OF THE APPROVED ESTUARINE SYSTEM <br />It is requested that the data herein presented be given formal <br />consideration by the Board of County Commissioners at its regular <br />meeting of December 20, 1988. <br />BACKGROUND AND CONDITIONS: <br />At its regular meeting of Mlarch 22, 1988, the Board of County <br />Commissioners approved a contract between Grand Harbor, Inc. and <br />the County, committing the developer to complete the approved <br />estuarine system within the Grand Harbor project. The contract <br />called for completion of of the estuarine work by September 30, <br />1988 with period which ends on January 1, <br />1989. <br />The contract, guaranteed by three letters of credit, gives staff <br />authority to release the letters of credit as work advances. To <br />date staff has released one letter of credit and will be releasing <br />the second letter of credit before the end of the year: 800 - 90% <br />3 <br />BOOK 75 r,AUa 402 <br />