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EXHIBIT A <br /> Work Order Number 11 <br /> Indian River County Department of Utility Services <br /> South Oslo Rd Water Plant <br /> Floridan Well S-4 Replacement <br /> PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br /> During the initial phases of rehabilitation of well S-4 at the Oslo Road water <br /> treatment plant, it became apparent that the existing PVC casing was damaged <br /> significantly to the extent of not being salvageable and having the ability to be <br /> placed back into service. The existing casing is cracked in several locations and is <br /> currently a sanitary hazard. A summary report was prepared which outlined the <br /> extent of damage and recommends replacement with a new well with plug& <br /> abandonment of the existing one. It is recommended to request a change order <br /> from the contractor currently on-site in order to defray mobilization costs. <br /> The following scope of work is proposed to provide documents and construction <br /> oversight for the replacement of well S-4, consisting of preparation of design <br /> documents, FDEP and SJRWMD permitting, and coordination with the existing on- <br /> site well driller &contractor, and construction phase services for rehabilitation for <br /> the replacement of well #S-4 at the South Oslo Road Water Treatment plant. <br /> SCOPE OF WORK <br /> TASK 1 - PREPARATION OF DESIGN DOCUMENTS <br /> Consultant will review the existing wellsite for potential siting of a new well to be <br /> drilled in the near vicinity of the existing well. Consultant will review the <br /> salvageable equipment to be used and new equipment to be designed/specified for <br /> the replacement well. <br /> Property Survey and Topography -The Consultant will develop a survey for the <br /> wellsite to determine extent of IRCU property. The Consultant will also conduct <br /> topographic survey of the new site to collect topography, establish horizontal <br /> control, and establish a benchmark for design and construction purposes. <br /> Consultant will review existing utilities within a 100-ft radius from the existing <br /> wellsite, including known underground utilities and existing sanitary hazards. <br /> Consultant will walk the site to review landmarks; conflicts with existing structures; <br /> K:\WPB_Civil\044572029-Well 7 Construction\Scope\IRCU Floridan Well S-4 Replacement WO rev3.docx Page 1 of 6 <br />