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WORK ORDER NUMBER 9 <br /> US Highway 1 Landscape Improvements—S. County Line to Oslo Road <br /> IRC Project No. 1631 <br /> This Work Order Number 9_is entered into as of this 7thday of February, 2017, pursuant to <br /> that certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services, dated November 15, 2011 and that <br /> certain Extension and Amendment of Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services entered into <br /> as of the 4`h day of November,2014(collectively referred to as the"Agreement"), by and between INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("COUNTY") and Kimley-Horn & <br /> Associates, Inc.("Consultant"). <br /> EXHIBIT A <br /> SCOPE OF WORK <br /> The COUNTY desires to seek to beautify the above identified corridors by the installation of median <br /> landscape improvements which will enhance its aesthetic quality. Proposed landscape <br /> improvement PROJECT LIMITS along US Highway 1 (State Road 5) will be implemented between <br /> Highland Drive SW and Oslo Road for a total project length of 8,450 feet(1.6 miles). In addition, the <br /> COUNTY desires to construct a monument sign(s) along the southern portion of US Highway 1. <br /> The COUNTY will provide the survey base map information which the Consultant will utilize to <br /> prepare the construction documents upon. The proposed landscape and signage improvements will <br /> be designed, permitted and constructed consistent with the Florida Department of Transportation <br /> standards. <br /> 1. Landscape Plans: <br /> The Consultant shall develop Landscape Plans to delineate proposed planting types, <br /> scheme development and associated preliminary costs. A conceptual design shall be <br /> submitted with the 50% plan submittal. The conceptual design shall include <br /> identification of opportunities and constraints associated with the project based on <br /> existing site conditions. Summary of analysis, if required, will be included with the <br /> conceptual design. <br /> p g <br /> 50%Submittal <br /> 1. Design review and comment-Submit four hard copy sets of the landscape <br /> plans and specifications in 11"x 17"format for COUNTY design review and <br /> comment. <br /> 2. MOT plan sheets - Submit four hard copy sets included in the landscape <br /> plans and specifications. <br />