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ORDINANCE 2017- 002 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, CONCERNING AN <br />AMENDMENT TO ITS LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS (LDRS); PROVIDING FOR <br />AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 956, SIGN REGULATIONS, BY AMENDING SECTION 956.11, <br />EXEMPTIONS TO PERMITTING PROCEDURES; BY AMENDING SECTION 956.15, <br />REGULATIONS FOR TEMPORARY SIGNS REQUIRING PERMITS; AND BY AMENDING <br />SECTION 956.15.1, REGULATIONS FOR ACTIVE SUBDIVISION OR REAL ESTATE <br />DEVELOPMENT SIGNS; PROVIDING FOR AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 901, <br />DEFINITIONS; PROVIDING FOR AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 912, SINGLE-FAMILY <br />DEVELOPMENT, BY AMENDING SUBSECTION 912.05(5), GARAGE SALES AND YARD <br />SALES; AND BY PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF CONFLICTING PROVISIONS; <br />CODIFICATION; SEVERABILITY; AND EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA THAT THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY LAND DEVELOPMENT <br />REGULATIONS (LDRS) BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION #1: <br />Amend LDR Section 901.03, Definitions in alphabetical order, of Chapter 901, Definitions, as <br />follows: <br />Sign any writing (including letter, word, or numeral); pictorial representation (including <br />illustration or decoration); emblem (including service mark, symbol, or trademark) except a religious <br />emblem; flag (banner or pennant); any other figure or character or any structure or part thereof on <br />which such writing, pictorial representation, emblem, flag, or other figure or character is installed or <br />placed (except a building to which the same may be attached) which: <br />(a) Is used to inform, attract attention, or advertise; and, <br />(b) Is readily visible from any public place off the premises where the sign is located. <br />Whenever the word "sign" appears in Chapter 956, Signs sign regulations, it shall include <br />"advertising structure." In addition, whenever the word "sign" is used it shall include buildings or <br />other structures shaped to resemble in configuration or design a product for sale such as, but not <br />limited to, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream cones, shoes, automobiles, or fruit. <br />Sign, A -frame a movable sign not secured or attached to the ground as required by Chapter 956, <br />Signs sign regulations. <br />Sign, abandoned (on premise) an on -premises sign identifying an establishment that has not <br />been conducting business at the site on which the sign is located or at the location noted on the sign <br />for a period greater than one hundred eighty (180) days or a sign in a condition of disrepair, set forth <br />in Chapter 956, Signs, sign regulations, of the county land development code. A sign shall not be <br />considered abandoned for businesses which operate on a seasonal basis. <br />Sign, add-on any additional sign area added to a permitted sign prior to obtaining a permit for <br />the additional sign. <br />Sign, animated a sign with physical action or motion or the appearance thereof, using manmade <br />or wind actuated elements, including rotating, oscillating, fluttering, flashing, or swinging signs, <br />Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance <br />Strike through: Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />M:ALDRs\956 sign regulations\2017- 956 sign ord rev BCC vers 2-26-I7.docx <br />1 <br />