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ORDINANCE 2017- 002 <br />streamers, balloons, or banners, but excluding allowed flags, traditional barber poles, electronic <br />adjustable alternation displays, and time/temperature units. <br />Sign, area of sign the area of the single face side of the sign within a perimeter which forms the <br />outside shape, including any frame forms and integral parts of the display, but excluding the necessary <br />supports, pole covers, or uprights on which the sign may be placed. The copy area of the sign shall <br />be the actual area of the sign copy applied to any background as computed by straight lines drawn <br />closest to copy extremities encompassing individual letters or words. <br />Sign, canopy any sign installed on any ornamental roof -like structure of cloth or otherwise that <br />provides or suggests shelter and projects from a wall or is supported by columns; or any temporary <br />or permanent cover providing shelter or decoration (as over a door or window), including an awning. <br />Sign, changeable copy a sign which has message characters that are not permanently attached to <br />the sign, but which are attached to permit numerous changes of the message on the sign without <br />repainting of any part of the sign or removal of any parts of the sign except the message characters. <br />Sign, construction a temporary sign erected on the premises on which construction is taking <br />as, completion date and those engaged in construction on any building site. This may include the <br />builder, contractor, developer, arch' <br />involved in said construction. <br />Sign, development a temporary sign advertising the sale or rental of structures under construction <br />Sign, directional (offpremise) see "billboard." <br />Sign, directional any sign permanently or temporarily installed on public property by or with <br />designated a permanent or temporary sign situated so as to guide or direct pedestrians or vehicles <br />to an event or to any public a building, civic organization, place of worship, hospital, or <br />transportation facility. <br />Sign, directory a sign which lists only the names o ' - . .. • . • • - - • • - _, <br />or contiguous buildings on one premises. <br />Sign, double-faced a sign with two (2) faces of generally equal dimensions, parallel to each other, <br />and back to back. A double faced sign shall be considered one sign. <br />Sign, identification a sign which contains no advertising and the message of which is limited to <br />conveying street numbers, the name, address and numbers of the premises, or the name of the owner <br />or occupant of the premises. <br />Sign, facade see "sign, wall." <br />Sign, flashing any sign with a light or lights which flash, blink, change in intensity or otherwise <br />create the illusion of flashing or movement. <br />Sign, freestanding a sign which is supported by one or more columns, uprights, or braces (ground <br />or pole sign) anchored into the ground independent of support from any building, including ground <br />signs and pole signs. <br />Sign, height the vertical distance to the highest point of a sign. Freestanding signs shall be <br />measured from the average natural grade or the minimum flood elevation, whichever is higher. <br />Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance <br />e.- Lehoug; : Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />M:\LDRs\956 sign regulations\2017- 956 sign ord rev BCC vers 2-26-17.docx <br />2 <br />