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ANDERSEN ANDRE CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. <br /> Geotechnical Engineering AACE Proposal No.P17-758 <br /> Construction Materials Testing (February 9,2017) <br /> Environmental Consulting (April 19,2017) <br /> Revised.1 April 21,2017 <br /> Indian River County Engineering Department EXHIBIT <br /> 1801 27`''Street,Building`A' <br /> Vero Beach,Florida 32960 <br /> Attention: Mr..James Ennis,P.E.,PMP <br /> County Engineer <br /> Subject: PROPOSAL FOR CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS TESTING <br /> CR 512 WESTBOUND RESURFACING(ROSELAND ROAD TO US1)AND <br /> CR 512 EASTBOUND RESURFACING(EASY STREET TO US1) <br /> FM No.431160-1-54-01 <br /> IRC PROJECT No.1139 <br /> SEBASTIAN,INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA <br /> Dear Mr. Ennis: <br /> Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers, Inc. (AACE) is pleased to present this proposal for construction <br /> materials testing services during the resurfacing of portions of CR512,as indicated above. The purpose of <br /> our services,as discussed further herein,will be to provide materials testing in general accordance with the <br /> project plans and technical specifications. <br /> BACKGROUND INFORMATION <br /> We understand that the proposed improvements to CR512 consist of refurbishing(through the Full Depth <br /> Reclamation(FDR)process)the dual westbound lanes from Roseland Road to US1 (approximately 2.9 miles), <br /> and eastbound lanes from Easy Street to US1 (approximately 1 mile). Further,we understand that this is an <br /> FDOT Small County Outreach Program(SCOP) Therefore,based on our understanding of the project and <br /> on our conversations with the FDOT State Materials Office,the quality control measures listed in the FDOT's <br /> Developmental Specification T332 Full Depth Reclamation should be adhered to. A project duration of 180 days <br /> has been established by Indian River County(150 days to substantial completion). <br /> -Balance of page intentzonalll left blank- <br /> 834 SW Swan Avenue,Port St. Lucie,Florida 34983 Ph: 772-807-9191 Fx: 772-807-9192 <br />