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10. To the extent allowed by law EFSC does undertake and agree that it will indemnify and <br /> hold harmless the COUNTY and its officers, directors, employees, and agents, from all claims, <br /> demands, suits, actions, judgments, and executions for damages, of any and every kind, <br /> including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, and by whomever and whenever made or <br /> obtained, allegedly caused by, arising out of, or relating in any manner to the activity of any <br /> student. Each student participating shall sign the attached Hold Harmless Agreement (copies <br /> will be furnished upon request). <br /> 11. EFSC shall procure and maintain, during the term of this Agreement and any renewal, <br /> liability insurance to cover any and all liability (including professional liability) for claims, <br /> damages, or injuries to persons or property of whatsoever kind of nature arising out of the <br /> activities of the participants carried out under this Agreement. Such insurance shall be on an <br /> occurrence basis in amounts no less than $3,000,000/$1,000,000 for personal injuries and the <br /> COUNTY shall be an additional named insured under such general and professional liability <br /> policy or policies. EFSC shall submit certificates of insurance to the COUNTY evidencing such <br /> insurance at the time of the execution of this Agreement, and as requested by the Fire/EMS <br /> Service. EFSC agrees that the COUNTY will receive no less than thirty (30) days written notice <br /> prior to cancellation, modification, or non-renewal of any of the insurance coverage's described <br /> herein. <br /> 12. EFSC will coordinate a calendar with students name and dates. EFSC will submit this <br /> calendar to the COUNTY at the beginning of each month. <br /> 13. Specific Responsibilities of the COUNTY. It shall be the responsibility of the <br /> COUNTY to: <br /> A. Provide an appropriate orientation of participants in connection with its facilities <br /> and its policies and procedures. <br /> B. Provide opportunities for a learning experience with appropriate supervision. <br /> C. Retain ultimate responsibility for patient care even if a student gives that care. <br /> D. Designate a preceptor (or coordinator) from its staff to act as the liaison with the <br /> Agency in this Agreement, as appropriate to the learning objectives. <br /> 14. Specific Responsibilities of the Participant(Student). It shall be the responsibility of <br /> the participant(s) assigned through this Agreement to: <br /> A. Comply with the policies and procedures of the COUNTY. Provide the necessary <br /> and appropriate uniform while on duty at the Fire/EMS agency <br /> B. Obtain prior written approval of both parties to this Agreement before publishing <br /> any material related to the learning experience provided under the terms of the <br /> Agreement. <br /> C. Sign a "Hold Harmless Agreement" with the COUNTY prior to commencing <br /> his/her experience within the Fire/EMS Agency. <br /> D. At all times wear the appropriated badge on every clinical, and comply in all <br /> respects with the student requirements set forth in the requirements Sheets. <br /> 2 <br />