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15. Request for Withdrawal of Participant. The COUNTY shall reserve the right to <br /> request EFSC to withdraw any participant from its facilities whose conduct or work with patients <br /> or personnel is not in accordance with the policies and procedures of the COUNTY or is <br /> detrimental to patients or others. The COUNTY reserves the right to refuse any student access <br /> to a COUNTY facility if they cannot accommodate the student at scheduled time. <br /> 16. Modification of Agreement. Modification of this Agreement may be made by mutual <br /> consent of both parties, in writing, and attached to this Agreement and shall include the date <br /> and the signatures of parties agreeing to the modification. <br /> 17. Copies of Agreement. Copies of this signed Agreement shall be placed on file and be <br /> available at the Corporate office of EFSC and in the offices of the COUNTY. <br /> 18. Confidential Information. Clinical rotation participants will be exposed to confidential, <br /> privileged information. EFSC understands the sensitive nature of this information and <br /> affirmatively asserts it has trained each participant concerning privileged and confidential patient <br /> information. EFSC agrees that its indemnity and hold harmless to the COUNTY extends to the <br /> wrongful release of confidential and privileged patient information. <br /> E77EE <br /> Bt, EFSC <br /> Date: <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> EMERGENCY SERVICES DISTRICT Approv <br /> By: °ti'•,Jason E. row County Administrator <br /> Jo eph E. F escher, Chair ' F� <br /> i <br /> Date Approved: m,,, 2 117 <br /> 2 pproved as to Form and Legal <br /> ATTEST: `•�y?%• ' ? ' °sufficiency: <br /> Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Court and M•••- <br /> Comptroller <br /> illiam K. D 'kraal; Deputy County <br /> Attorney <br /> By: <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> 3 <br />