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Hallstrom House (FTC No.: 01-055-FF1) <br />1. Survey (Existing Conditions) <br />The Consultant will utilize the existing boundary, tree and topographic survey by Indian River <br />County as the base for the existing conditions for the area to receive the improvements. It <br />is understood that this survey will be provided to Consultant in AutoCAD format to be utilized <br />and relied upon for design. Should said existing conditions survey not contain all the <br />required existing information to support the design for the proposed improvements, <br />Consultant will coordinate with County so that County may provide the additional survey <br />necessary to compete the design and permitting phase. <br />2. Design Services <br />a. Construction Plans <br />The Consultant will prepare 24" x 36" design drawings signed & sealed, for the above <br />described improvements. The design drawings for the Hallstrom House will include <br />existing conditions plan, site plan, paving, grading and drainage plan, utility plan, lift <br />station plan, erosion control plan, and applicable details plans. The plans package <br />will also include the necessary design calculations and reports for the lift station and <br />minor drainage as applicable. <br />b. Construction Cost Estimate <br />The Consultant will prepare estimates of probable construction costs (based upon <br />FDOT Basis of Estimates) at approximately 60, 90 and 100 percent levels of design <br />completion. <br />c. County Reviews <br />The Consultant will attend three (3) progress review meetings with the COUNTY Parks <br />Division staff at approximately 60, 90 and 100 percent levels of design completion. A <br />single set of review comments shall be provided to Consultant from COUNTY Parks <br />Division staff prior to each review meeting. <br />3. Permitting Services <br />The Consultant will prepare the following permit applications and associated submittals for <br />the following agencies: <br />• Indian River County Site Plan <br />• Indian River County ROW <br />• Indian River County Stormwater <br />• Indian River County Utilities <br />• Indian River County Fire Department <br />• FDEP Domestic Wastewater <br />• St. Johns River Water Management District 10-2 Self Certification <br />