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No wetlands or other ecological permitting is anticipated or included herein. It should be noted that <br />the site has existing gopher tortoises and that all coordination and permitting associated with the <br />relocation of the tortoises will be provided by the COUNTY. <br />The Consultant shall respond to up to one (1) request for additional information by the permitting <br />agency. <br />The COUNTY will be responsible for the above listed permit fees and the Consultant will prepare all <br />necessary applications and provide to COUNTY for signatures. <br />Bidding Services <br />The COUNTY shall be responsible for setting the bid opening date, advertisement of the bid, <br />scheduling the pre-bid meeting, and scheduling the bid opening. The Consultant will prepare a .pdf <br />of the bid plan documents for the COUNTY's use in distributing the bid documents to prospective <br />bidders via Demandstar. All other bid documents to be provided by COUNTY. <br />DELIVERABLES <br />The Consultant shall provide the COUNTY with the following: <br />• Two (2) hard copies 11" x 17" of the bid documents Final Drawings, signed & sealed <br />• One (1) signed & sealed .pdf and .dwg copy of the drawings and bid documents <br />SCHEDULE <br />Upon authorization to proceed by the COUNTY, the above described services will be provided based <br />on the following schedule: <br />• Survey and Design Services <br />• Permitting <br />• Bidding Services <br />60 days from the date of authorization (NTP) <br />within 30 days from completion of final design <br />within 30 days from completion of permitting <br />FEE SCHEDULE <br />The COUNTY agrees to pay and the Consultant agrees to accept for services rendered, pursuant to <br />this Agreement, fees inclusive of expenses in accordance with the following: <br />Task <br />Fee <br />Design Services <br />$ 7,500 <br />Permitting Services <br />$ 6,500 <br />Bidding Services <br />$ 800 <br />Work Authorization Total <br />$14,800 <br />