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The Consultant will meet with adjacent property owners, individually,two times each <br /> and will meet with all property owners simultaneously up to four times to review the <br /> preliminary Site Plan to obtain input on proposed layout and incorporate comments <br /> as applicable. <br /> b. Specifications <br /> The Consultant will prepare technical specifications for the proposed improvements. <br /> The County will provide in an electronic format the Division specifications that are <br /> applicable and the Consultant will modify them as required to make project specific. <br /> C. Construction Cost Estimate <br /> The Consultant will prepare estimates of probable construction costs (based upon <br /> FDOT Basis of Estimates) at approximately 60, 90 and 100 percent levels of design <br /> completion. <br /> d. County Reviews <br /> The Consultant will attend three (3) progress review meetings with the COUNTY <br /> Engineering Department staff at approximately 60, 90 and 100 percent levels of <br /> design completion. A single set of review comments shall be provided to Consultant <br /> from COUNTY Engineering Division staff prior to each review meeting. <br /> 3. Permitting/Bidding Services <br /> The Consultant will prepare the following permit applications and associated submittals for <br /> the following agency: <br /> • Indian River County ROW Permit <br /> • City of Vero Beach Major Site Plan approval Permit <br /> • City of Vero Beach ROW Permit <br /> • City of Vero Beach Utilities Permit <br /> • St. John's River Water Management District Exemption <br /> • Indian River Farms Water Control District Stormwater Exemption <br /> • FDOT Driveway Connection Permit <br /> • FDOT Drainage Connection Permit Exemption <br /> No wetlands, endangered species or other ecological permitting is anticipated or included herein. <br /> The Consultant shall respond to up to one (1) request for additional information by the permitting <br /> agency. <br /> The Consultant will be responsible for the above listed permit fees and an allocation has been <br /> provided as per the below fee schedule. <br /> The COUNTY shall be responsible for setting the bid opening date, advertisement of the bid, <br /> scheduling the pre-bid meeting, and scheduling the bid opening. The Consultant will prepare a .pdf <br /> of the Technical Spec Provisions / bid documents for the COUNTY's use in distributing the bid <br /> documents to prospective bidders via Demandstar. <br />