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DELIVERABLES <br /> The Consultant shall provide the COUNTY with the following: <br /> • One (1) hard copy (24" x 36") of the bid documents Final Drawings, signed & sealed <br /> • One (1) hard copy (11" x 17") of the bid documents Final Drawings, signed & sealed <br /> • One (1) signed &sealed .pdf and .dwg copy of the drawings and bid documents <br /> • Technical responses for one addenda, as required for clarifying responses from the pre-bid <br /> Meeting <br /> • Bid award recommendation letter <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> Upon authorization to proceed by the COUNTY,the above described services will be provided based <br /> on the following schedule: <br /> • Survey and Design Services 90 days from the date of authorization <br /> • Permitting/ Bidding Services 270 days from the date of authorization <br /> FEE SCHEDULE <br /> The COUNTY agrees to pay and the Consultant agrees to accept for services rendered, pursuant to <br /> this Agreement, fees inclusive of expenses in accordance with the following: <br /> Task Fee <br /> Task 1 -Survey $ 9,500 <br /> Task 2 - Design Services $ 39,500 <br /> Task 3 - Permitting/ Bidding Services $ 21,500 <br /> Permit Fee Allocation/Contingency $ 7,500 <br /> Work Authorization Total $ 78,000 <br /> ADDITIONAL SERVICES <br /> When required by the COUNTY or the Contract Documents, where circumstances exist beyond the <br /> Consultant's control, Consultant shall provide or obtain from others, as circumstances required, <br /> those additional services not listed as part of the Work Order, the Consultant shall notify the <br /> COUNTY promptly prior to commencing said Additional Services, and if agreed upon, will be paid for <br /> by County in accordance with the Master Agreement, Professionals and vendor intended to provide <br /> additional services shall first be approved by the COUNTY, in writing, by the COUNTY's Project <br /> Manager. <br /> The COUNTY has selected the Consultant to perform the professional services set forth on <br /> this Work Order.The professional services will be performed by the Consultant for the fee schedule <br /> set forth in this Work Order. The Consultant will perform the professional services within the <br /> timeframe more particularly set forth in this Work Order in accordance with the terms and <br /> provisions set forth in the Agreement. Pursuant to paragraph 1.4 of the Agreement, nothing <br />